1С: to get or lease?

1С: to get or lease?

Those times when business only started to develop, and in a course there was a piracy software, already passed. All know that the programs cracked with burglars have unlimited quantity of bugs and restrictions which all the same will not allow to use all functions. In particular it concerns the program 1С. Therefore there is a question: how to minimize expenses on its acquisition and service, instead of how to get piracy assembly. At present time there are two options – purchase or rent 1С and though what of them has pluses and minuses. In this article we just about them also will have a talk.

Rent or purchase 1С – pluses and minuses

Let’s begin with the first option – purchases of software product. Its main advantage – an edinovremennost of costs. Having bought the license version 1С once, the businessman should not bring a monthly payment for program introduction. Not including that, all data will be stored on its own server that to much it seems to safer.

Let’s at present pass to shortcomings. In – 1-x, costs here are not absolutely single, because the program constantly asks updatings, and they completely paid. Not including that, support in this case will cost a techno too means. As a result service of a network will cause certain expenses.

The 2nd option is a rent 1С. Its main advantage – does not need to be taken the license, it is not necessary to pay for updating and to employ experts who will serve system. Usually all this is already included in rent cost. A shortcoming – your data will be stored on the foreign server, and server rent as the suitable annex to rent 1С confuses many, despite safety guarantees. Still it is possible to note that fact that here work of system will depend completely on the Internet, in case of interruption all work will rise.

As a result we come to that the choice of a way after all is caused by the different reasons. The solid companies with the bolshushchy turn, long ago available in the market, can choose and the 1st option. Having once paid for keys and itself the program, late it will be necessary to pay only for updatings and a techno support. Many employ for this purpose to the staff of experts. Server rent – option more available to beginning businessmen who want to develop the network quickly. In particular it with comfort if existence of remote offices or branches in the different cities is supposed.

Separately it is necessary to tell about safety of data. Usually, on the paid services there is a reliable system of protection and spare copying of files is provided. If in a flash there will be force-majeur, the base will not be gone, because it is stored on other server. But this moment for many the still disputable. Many businessmen after all consider as more reliable to store documents on the equipment.


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