Business geography: economic and legal conditions

Business geography: economic and legal conditionsWhen developing own business the newly made businessman should consider each made step carefully. Each element of opened business should be in details worked, after all luck of realization depends on it even the most faultless business plan. One of the main questions is connected with a region choice for conducting own business – it is estimated proceeding from belief of proximity of sales markets and raw materials, a demand of business activity in it, advantage provided legal and economic aspect.

Ways of state support are inherently identical on all district of the Russian Federation. They consist, first in development suitable aspect for business management by a utility by quite good legislative and regulatory base. Efficiency of rendered support directly depends on applied levers of influence – as straight lines (financing from economic means, encouragement of activity with various awards, assistance in training), and indirect (privileges in the crediting and taxation sphere). In aspects of the modern economy which is transforming to global post-industrial, the government more flexibly cooperates with businessmen, encouraging development of malekhanky business.

Business activity by means of licensing is perfectly supervised, but this sphere is to a descent and the most corrupted. For support of small business not only on federal, well and at regional level special funds of support are created. They promote development of small business, protecting it from unstable market dynamics.

The Forbes magazine acquainted the public with the vision of the best (proceeding from belief of business) regions. The list in what all federal subjects are analysed is made, without considering St. Petersburg, Moscow (together with the Leningrad and Capital areas, respectively). Tatarstan and Sverdlovsk region are in the lead. Business on Kuban closes the beautiful list for businessmen, holding a final, thirtieth place.

Estimating profitability of the plan from a geographical foreshortening, it is necessary to analyse more perspective spheres of each region. Being guided by the enterprises of industrial level, it is necessary to find a niche of narrower specialization and to find probable advantage of opened business before competitors.


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