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Business hotelThe unlimited number of businessmen pays attention to a hotel type of business. And in their interest there is nothing unusual, after all this type of business activity is comfortable that its opening does not ask big monetary investments. For that contingent of people who possesses large sums, there is a possibility to open the whole network of hotels, and at those who has small means, can absolutely be limited to opening of the 1st malekhanky hotel.

The business connected with opening of hotels, quite profitable and reliable, moreover, it very profitable.

It is natural that to open huge hotel with bolshushchy number of places not under force one person, and here one big company it is possible. 100 hotel places – concept of small hotel the abroad. As to our country, this indicator at us it is notable below. In the majority a case businessmen build hotels where the quantity of rooms does not surpass fifteen. It especially dokhodno in silent and ecologically spotless places where people can have a rest from the ringing city and work.

Also perfectly if you have an official site of hotel on which it will be possible to reserve a hotel accommodation. Here on a site booking online it is possible to reserve hotels. It is very comfortable service which will be for your hotel bolshushchy plus.

Though what business begins with drawing up plan business. It helps to conduct business activity perfectly that in the forthcoming can bring in the good income.

First, it is necessary to begin with room search where the hotel will directly settle down. But more reliable and true option most will build hotel that will help to avoid various sudden situations.

To rent a room which will serve as hotel is not the best way. Two floors – an ideal building for malekhanky hotel. Usually, on the first floor rooms for leisure always settle down is a billiards, a bar etc. Not including it, on this floor there should be four more hotel rooms. the 2nd floor – other rooms.

The sum which is required for structure construction, depends on an object site. In the general difficulty about three hundred thousand dollars will turn out. The salary and additional expenses will make 50 thousand dollars a year. Before opening of own business activity it is necessary to count up in advance all possible expenses and to note it in business the plan.

After the question will be solved with a room, it is necessary to take care of all conveniences which the client of hotel will use.

The annual profit of delivery of hotel rooms makes about 3 million rubles. Profit on a food – 100 thousand dollars, the income of leisure rooms – about 7 thousand dollars.


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