Business idea – restaurant Opening with a karaoke

Business idea - restaurant Opening with a karaokeThe emergence of a karaoke owe enterprising Japanese Daysuke Inoue. In 1980х years he as a part of musical group played drums, entertaining public in bars and cafe. He saw that in breaks between songs guests start to miss, and thought of with what it is possible to occupy them during these compelled pauses.

The decision lay on a surface: it was necessary to "stir" guests, having suggested to execute him their beloved of composition. Daysuke Inoue gave out to listeners of listing of texts then included music without words, and listeners were transformed to singers. Inhabitants of the country of a rising sun estimated idea, and shortly the karaokes bars called in the homeland «нарибанами», grasped wide popularity.

Presently the restaurant with a karaoke a hall of guests both in the cities, and in small towns interests. At existence at public of requirement for entertainments of such sense, the organization of a karaoke bar is represented tempting idea.

Let’s present, you have cafe, and you wish either to train for a new profession, or to render additional service. In this case you simply acquire qualitative equipment for a karaoke and introduce the necessary amendments in an interior and the name.

If this field of activity is absolutely unfamiliar to you, begin with business plan drawing up. Solve, you can enclose what means in business, on what number of guests count, and what areas be required to you for their placement. In other words, designate in the business plan the ambitions.

Let’s notice that at present opening of a karaoke bar will manage to you in the sum about 500 thousand dollars. But in the presence of experience in similar affairs you can be limited and smaller means. In any case, the volume of investments will be defined by the hall area, its furnish, acoustic possibilities and location. The lion’s shred of expenses is necessary on the musical equipment. If you plan to make a karaoke a highlight of own institution, save up on everything, only not on special equipment.

Your profit will be there are of the income of realization of drinks, entrance fees and payments for various services. Not with the superfluous will expand the range of these services. So, for example, it is possible to offer guests of record of their vocal performances. Regardless of talent of the performer, such things will be got «for memory» or for fun.

Can think and over unique services, not ordinary for a karaoke bars, or such which will be in a novelty to inhabitants of your city. Carrying out various musical actions, competitions and chellendzhy becomes a sure version. Involve guests with discounts and actions. Take care of prizes for winners and prizes for all participants. The pleasant surprise for friends of the winner – is representable, the free little table or drinks, – will even more dispose clients directly to your bar.

Usually, such institutions pay off in three years, but do not forget that only on your policy of management depends, shorter or longer there will be this term.


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