Business idea: concrete


Business idea: concreteEveryone to open personal business has possibility to begin the business from mini-plant purchase on production of concrete.
Concrete is a construction and cement mix without which construction though what even the most ordinary structure or a construction does not manage. Profitability of concrete business is conclusive, but earlier, than to receive the income, it is necessary to organize perfectly the activity, to coordinate work of all components of links of production and realization.

Demand for the most suitable construction material increases during the seasonal periods from May to November when weather conditions allow to do a work system, both in personal sectors, and in industrial territories.

To prepare cement very simply – in equal proportions to mix cement, sand, rubble and water. Process is simple, if the small quantity of a concrete mix is necessary. For large volumes to be necessary the special equipment which is included in a complex of a mini-concrete complex.

To get plant рбу will cost somewhere 420 thousand roubles. But this cost to pay off in a month for which it is possible to receive profits approximately in 2 million roubles.

If there is no initial capital for start, it is possible to make out safely in bank the credit. For functional work at mini-plant efforts of at least 3 people will suffice. Vpribavok to mini-plant it is necessary to get besides an avtobetonosmesitel for possibility of transportation of liquid concrete on certain sites of the order. Cost of such special equipment makes about 3 million roubles.

If there is no possibility to open business most, it is necessary to find several partners who will be interested by appeal of profitable business. The size of received future profit also depends on constant suppliers of the building materials suitable in a compounding of production of a qualitative concrete mix – cement, sand, граншлака and waters.

Dokhodno to work, naturally, with bolshenny customers in the form of industrial plants, factories. So, that business was favorable, it is necessary to come into contacts to management of various industrial facilities because directly received future income will depend on the characteristic of cooperation.
Acquisition of the suitable equipment, transport, staff recruitment and constant suppliers of building materials for production should be consecutive and thought over beforehand.


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