Business idea: front works

Business idea: front worksFor this day became very popular and enough front repairs of buildings are necessary. Repair which does not concern a bearing part of a construction so is called. Options of realization of front parts of buildings are so various that eyes run up, when get to any business commercial center of the city. Unimportantly what company to aspire to give to own office the appearance combined with their corporate style. In due time other companies try to earn on it, and is direct on carrying out finishing works.

At present, it is possible to say with confidence that business on a system and in particular finishing works achieved inexpressible furors, and there are already separate directions of this sphere of business. One of the very first ways of furnish is plaster. And still many companies producers offer this material for performance of finishing works. At present producers learned to make such plaster to which are not terrible neither humidity, nor water hit in the form of a precipitation and even hit of direct sunshine to it are not terrible.

We studied the main directions of works. Let’s at present try to understand how to embody business the ideas connected with furnish of facades by means of plaster. All process can be divided into pair of short steps. the 1st is a registration of all suitable documents and the subsequent receiving the corresponding permissions. After that it is necessary to rent a room, or to get it. The area of the rented room should not be less than 30 square meters. Also in existence there should be all necessary communications and qualitative system of ventilation. Not including all this the specific equipment, for example a case for drying, cars for production of concrete mixes is necessary also. It is also necessary to have the tool directly for departures on objects. First it is a system of the wood which in principle too can be rented in the specialized companies. Well and by itself expendables, such as, itself гип, substance, necessary to raise plasticity of plaster.

The approximate starting capital suitable for opening of own business of this direction varies around 300 000 rubles.


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