Business idea: hot coffee in an office

Business idea: hot coffee in an officeEvery day the quantity of offices grows more, and in a services sector there is a new possibility for earnings. Supply by drinks from coffee of special types can appear one of such ways. At present there are no such offices where there would be no electric kettles, and employees would not make to themselves different drinks, but it does not mean that office employees accept such drink. Now, invented many coffee devices, and there are they not and is expensive.
The idea of such business consists what to process the car under a small coffee house. Speech does not go about expensive cars. It is possible to take, for example, ordinary VAZ and to re-embody it in a coffee house on wheels. For this purpose clean back sitting, build there small kitchen. To be necessary for you the water-heating device, capacities under water, a portable refrigerating box, a mixer.

In the menu bring different types of coffee which it would be possible to prepare quickly. Carry later or dispatch this menu on offices. To deliver coffee it is possible greatly and quickly. In addition to the main menu, bring versions on the discretion or, later, doing an emphasis on wishes of clients. Such type of business quickly to pay off, as from time to time in offices work on one person. For involvement of buyers, it is possible to make system of discounts.

There is an unlimited number of recipes on coffee manufacturing. Choose on the taste. It is necessary to mean, the more will be different drinks, the you will involve more clients. Moderately over time it is possible to expand the possibilities. Take care of ware acquisition for seasonings. Many like to use cinnamon, a coriander and other aromatic seasonings with coffee. Using such types of seasonings, you will in addition increase profit. The main thing to use any possibilities and not to be lazy.

For such business it is necessary to be spent for the coffee device, the portable refrigerator, capacities for water, purchase of the first products. And as expenses will go on alteration of salon of the car. Joint costs will make about 10 thousand rubles.

If to estimate that on delivery coffee you will wind 100 % of the income, and it is the real price as types of coffee will be exclusive, plus delivery, in a month it is possible to have the income to 12 thousand rubles. Probably, it is excellent. If to consider that you will work only for yourselves, and there is nobody will not depend.


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