Business idea: hotel for animals

Business idea: hotel for animalsPresently with hotels for animals, already you will surprise nobody. Once, having opened, such settlements small (and not only) pets, became popular in different corners of the country. Many faced discrepancy when going to holiday or in business trip, it was necessary to attach for a while the pet what not to worry about his stay. Yes there is a lot of still different events which it is possible to face that at certain o’clock your animal would be in safety. For example: to make house repair, to move to other place. By means of a new type of business – special hotels for dogs and cats, now this discrepancy quickly is solved.
We have in the country such business quite young and is on an initial step of development. For hotel opening for animals any special license from you will not demand. You without the aid of others set its format.

The 1st that you will need to make, find a suitable room. Its area should borrow more 10м2. The house in the country or in a forest park zone will be ideal option. The unique requirement is – finding of the district of such hotel should be at distance from houses of 150 meters and more. One more option can be, hotel placement, in the veterinary center.

The building of zoohotel should be fenced with a high strong fence, what animals for any reason, did not appear outside of the district. It would be good to divide the area round a structure on separate sectors. So you will provide the best выгул for pets. From within hotel equip with open-air cages. For cats will enough arrange open-air cages to one and a half square meter. Open-air cages of different size will be necessary for dogs. For dogs of separate breeds (for example the Caucasian sheep-dogs) it will be better to establish open-air cages on the street. And it is possible to put in some levels. Inside open-air cages trim with boards and place a rug on a floor.
In the personnel of such institution should work: the veterinarian, the cynologist (it is better 2-3), the accountant, the manager.

With a food of an animal it is necessary to decide on his owner. But In hotel, in any case, in a stock always there should be a dry feed, taking in attention that the big dog should eat in day forages more than 600 гр.

Admitting an animal to hotel, ask the owner to provide the veterinary book of own favourite.


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