Business idea: how to open yacht-club

Business idea: how to open yacht-clubAll it is clear that the yacht is luxury goods, and not to everyone on a pocket such pleasure. But yachts happen the most different. For example, the ordinary walking yacht costs from $3 000. The available yacht – least $20 000. Proceeding from it, purchase of the yacht presume not only millionaires, well and simply people with prosperity.

To beginning yachtsmen to learn all knowledge of yachting the yacht-club will help. To deal own yacht-club – profitable and perspective. But such type of business not is available to each businessman, because the organization of yacht-club will demand terrible investments.

When opening yacht-club one important discrepancy can seem is a choice of the suitable land lot. Almost always good places are already occupied. But if the desire to organize such business is very great, it is necessary to go all the way. It is possible to address to the city authorities and if they count the project perspective and will give the status of city sight, they even can provide the land lot gratuitously. In that case this business will be dokhodno to both parties as the yacht-club can have very salutary impact on tourism development.

If discrepancy with a place is solved, further it is necessary to be engaged in the club equipment necessary objects. For a start it is necessary to decide on the mooring. The most balanced option – to establish the floating pontoon mooring. It does not influence ecology and consequently there will be no troubles with the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate and ecologists. Information detailed about pontoons will be useful to you.

After the mooring will be established, it is necessary to make a range of services. Clients can be offered rent, parking of yachts, training by yachting etc. Yacht-clubs happen different, and contain in itself various services.

It is worth to remember that the organization of such business asks terrible investments. Now there are 4 categories of yacht-clubs: 1, 2, 3 and 4-stars. Let’s consider opening of 1-stars yacht-club.

For its opening it will be necessary about 90 000 – $100 000. Such yacht-club contains 15 boats and some yachts. The income is brought by a rent for a parking lot. Later time it is possible to expand the range of services. For example, to begin training by yachting or to organize various walking excursions on the yacht. The more services, the profit there is more.

As it was already mentioned, the yacht-club organization – business profitable. If correctly and excellent to organize business, the club will pay off in 2-3 years. But it is impossible to give an exact forecast what payback period as everything will depend on desire and the enclosed forces will be.


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