Business idea: installation of communications

Business idea: installation of communicationsIt is superprofitable business for those who though it is a little familiar with installation. In this article we will classify everything for realization of our possibilities in the installation market, without a role of the chief which, as well as all longs a huge share from this business. The next conclusive plus it that you can pick up to yourselves collective without the aid of others.

It is necessary to consider that work on the chief, will not bring you gold mountains, the biggest salary in Moscow of 30 thousand rubles, on regions these numbers become even more moderate. This sum does not depend in any way on a field of activity, be – that the structured cable networks or video surveillance.

Even if you act as the engineer, the estimator, you thoughts about personal even more often should visit work performance. And in that case you with ease can manage from "valuable" instructions of your chief.

Here to you bright example. I, work in domofonny firm one year, I receive about 40 % for one executed and started entrance from total amount of the order.

As it is necessary, if residents of an entrance paid to my chief of 40 thousand rubles, my shred makes sixteen thousand. Even having the top skills, I was capable to start in a month least the 3rd entrances, it under ideal circumstances and so left on two.

While eight assemblers worked for my chief despite that all compensation went according to the "black" scheme. The decent sum in 150-180 thousand rubles accumulated. I at all do not bear propaganda in the union of businessmen, after all such managements type not suits much.

But having carefully thought, I decided on this terrible step, to execute without the aid of others installation. To agree with housing and communal services did not make a great difficulty as I lowered the price for a third. Having executed the 1st order, and having received the 1st means, I right there executed it:

Registered the Personal Businessman for small business.

Registration of the individual is much simpler and cheaper than registration of the legal entity (open company, joint stock company and others).

Conclusive distinction of the legal entity from physical are that it is not necessary to rent a room / office. Also it is not necessary to bring seed capital, after tax payment all means of SP remain with it and are not taxed. To end business activity as simply as well as to register.

All this cost to me 970 rubles and at present I on hands have documents for creation of own company.

Into a package of documents enters:

– Press acquisition – 400 rubles.
– Bank account opening – 2 thousand rubles.
– Payment of the accountant – 1 thousand for 3 business hours.
– The license for laying of domofonny systems – 5 thousand rubles.

In other words my fee sufficed on a covering of all expenses concerning small business. Despite that performance of all these пт, not including the accountant disappeared.

For the 2nd month my monthly profit made sixty thousand rubles. At present we work with the workmate, every month we receive on the average eighty thousand, and we do not do it without instructions of the "clever" director.


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