Business idea: installation of systems of ventilation

Business idea: installation of systems of ventilationThe integral and important part in construction is the ventilating system. At present, any construction under construction cannot begin the work without preliminary installation of ventilation. In this small article advice concerning that will be given, as well as how many it is possible to earn when opening own company which is guided on installation of ventilating systems.

It would be desirable to note that practically all objects will have industrial mission so before opening of own business, it is necessary to take care of a brigade which will do large volume of works in short terms and at all this greatly. Naturally it does not belittle that fact that ventilation in the personal house too is necessary, and you will need to undertake and such orders. On a site it is possible to learn more detailed information about ventilation in the personal house.

In this type of earnings many secrets and even difficulties which will be necessary for solving are covered, and for this purpose it is required to study carefully all city and build norms, rules, also different documents connected with this activity.

The main advantage of this business will be what to open it it is possible without existence of the huge starting capital as practically all works connected with installation of ventilating systems, do not foresee the admission of the self-regulating organization.

Practically all transactions will be made with legal entities, in other words with the personal companies. But in this case, if you decided that will take part in city purchases, in this case not to do without cooperation with municipal bodies, and in certain cases and with federal customers. See that this work quite responsible so your working structure should consist from:

1. Chief of technological department;
2. engineer of technological department;
3. estimator (whenever possible);
4. accountant.

In this case, if you have big money, not out of place will employ the chief on construction with experience, but such work can поделывать and the director of PTO.

About a half from all orders, in other words 50 percent, will arrive from personal a system of the companies which won the tender for construction of a residential or industrial building.

In this case, if arriving orders will be insufficiently, it is possible to accept a role in city purchases on installation of ventilating systems.

When your company becomes rather known, and to you the unlimited number of orders will start to arrive, not out of place will sign the contract with the supplier of the material suitable for installation of systems.

All profit depends only on your eagerness and desire to work. But help you in this case advertizing can. At successful business, you can have evenly 500 thousand rubles every month.


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