Business idea: lemonade


Business idea: lemonadeWith what touching nostalgia we remember our socialist past. In particular when, speech comes about milk poured in packages triangles. Or for example, there is an unforgettable taste, ice-cream spread out in paper cups to which the wood stick stood out. And the kefir poured in glass bottles by the covered stopper from a foil. Well, and about that lemonade, knows now though what child from stories of mothers and grandmothers. Where to Coca-Cola to compete with our lemonade! It is taste of sweet, sparkling and always cool.

It were years when holidays noted in cafe, and houses, in a circle of friends and native. On tables on holidays of children always there was a Soft drink lemonade. And for New Year’s holidays it was poured in children’s glasses, as the adult champagne.

And to the Olympic Games-80 on counters of our shops there was "Baikal" – tremendous drink, something reminding Pepsi Cola inaccessible for those times. Naturally, he was slightly dearer, was on sale only in Moscow, and the sticker was rectangular, reminding champagne.

In the Russian Union the industry of "lemonades" was put on a wide stream and lemonade, shortly began to receive the status of municipal drink.

There was an unlimited quantity of booths in what friendly shop assistants diluted the chosen syrup gas-water. There were eminent, iron automatic machines for sale soon. "Lemonade", "Buratino", "Baikal", "Tarkhun" For many years we kept their taste in memory Cost then a glass of lemonade of 3 kopeks.

So why now not to begin business on lemonade sale? It is more tasty, and is not harmful, as Coca-Cola. Well also it is time to already American brands of the producer to recover back to America. At present it is possible to behold in a network of the announcement of type – I will wholesale lemonade, so demand for drinks did not fall.

And why, in a century of capitalism not to involve in this favorable occupation of children? They to learn only, to the first bases of business and advertizing bases, well and to servicing. Eventually children will get out because of boxes of own computers and for a start will start to speak with clients. First, they will start to comprehend bases of informal conversation. And after all we so tell a century of technical technologies in common not enough.

So that dared, it is possible to organize together with children a counter on lemonade sale.

Entering the kid into the business world, it is only superfluous occasion to stay more with the child, and again to talk to it. In children’s eyes your authority very much will rise, as it why — you will answer to all. But at the same time will plan your future, not only financially. In coming your child will follow council neither to friends, nor to unclear persons, and is direct to you. Because the authority is authority.

What for this purpose it is necessary for us? Make the list of that is necessary for us for work. And for this purpose it is necessary and not so much. Lemonade, svezhezamorozhenny ice, glasses for drink, and for example, balloons and crackers to draw attention of buyers. It is possible, naturally, to expand menu, having added cookies and candies.

At our everyday vanity from buyers there will be no release. Both pedestrians, and drivers by cars will stop more than once to try your drink. Demand naturally, will grow late spring, in the summer and in the early autumn. Heat and thirst your true assistants.

If your house is not on the open, spacious street, it is possible to arrange a counter on a visible place for all. It is necessary to explain to the child that for advance its business and, that should be one of the best — having lowered these конкурентнсть. And that guests it became necessary to be always friendly and clean more. The smile should be sincere, surely, after purchase to thank the buyer. At the same time and to the child will give again politeness and etiquette manners. The polite relation only will involve the buyer in forthcoming and that again will want to come behind drink.

You will plan every day with the child, he will feel the importance and to you and in society. Will consider, new, favorable places where at present decide to arrange your counter with lemonade. Perhaps, it even will be departures on the nature, in parks and beaches. If it is natural, there is a car. Well, and if while is not present – only incentive for your business. To earn means and to get the car.

Establish a counter, we place advertizing badges, we hang up a heap multi-colored air balls, expose lemonade and all — your business is open! In an extent of day help the child with servicing and in profit calculation. Well, and at the end of the working day collect and sum up means. Pleasant house business!


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