Business idea: opening of shop of hours

Business idea: opening of shop of hoursStatistically each person changes hours once in three years. Hours are an ideal gift. Reflecting, on sale of that it is possible to earn, pay attention to subjects which connect double function – beauty and practical application. After all the client of the average level aspires, that the thing was surely used. Pay attention for hours – is in each house, show time, decorate an interior. To learn something new and useful to own business, it is recommended to visit annual zabugorny exhibitions. Before trade it is necessary to obtain the license and the patent for an embodiment of retail trade. Own site with the detailed catalog will help you to sell production. Shops of hours is a uniqueness, therefore competition in this sphere of trade small that printsipno to start own business. Opening of own Internet shop can not to develop once revenue.
Hours receive home, in an office. They happen wall and floor. Hours should be qualitative precisely to show time. Also they should approach to a room interior. Try to buy a unique product. Due to the fashion on fireplaces popularity of a fireplace clock increased also. The house meteorological station showing time and what weather – air temperature, humidity, speed of a wind uses demand also. Since at present time can be learned, having looked at the screen of the mobile phone, a watch on sales gives in. Therefore at sale of a watch it is necessary to take care of their exclusivity.
Hours happen electric, electronic, quartz. The success of your business on hours depends on contrast in a choice. Should be presented and rare species of hours, and cheaper, calculated on mass character.
Room and site
It is best of all to arrange shop of hours in shopping center.
Room under shop choose bolshushchy since all range of a product should be visible to guests. Organize the correct demonstration of hours, i.e. the whole hours are sorted by styles – souvenir, classical.
The name of shop will choose original, being remembered.
Suppliers of a product
Hours can be taken directly from producers or in the wholesale companies. Purchase at producers will manage to you cheaper since sale goes without margins. But if you cooperate with wholesale company which has just entered the market, it will be possible to agree about mutually beneficial cooperation. Among suppliers of hours follows guide attention to the Swiss representations in the Russian Federation. A watch is better for buying collections.
Earnings on additional services
In – 1-x, home delivery to the buyer of a big clock. In that case the driver and the courier is required. In – 2-x, directly in shop it is possible to arrange a watch repair shop, at all this for convenience of buyers it is necessary to organize departure of the specialist on the house. At express delivery it is necessary to take care of strong packing since hours – the thing fragile, and from any concussions is possible an incorrectness in the main function of the clock – to show time. And after all excellent reputation to your shop very much принципна. In shop of hours it can be widely presented and an accompanying product: hour accessories, leather products, gifts, souvenir products.
Personnel standard: director, two-three dealers, accountant. Selling assistants should be specially trained to be able to provide all suitable information about hours – appointment, style, the producer. Advisers should be from 2 to 5 people who will work in shifts.

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