Business idea: organization of office and room moving

Whether Business idea: organization of office and room movingthe most part of beginning businessmen ask a question business without big capital investments is possible? One of such options is rendering of services in room and office moving. This type of business in our country quite young and developing therefore having occupied this niche with one of the first you guarantee itself success.

In what this idea consists

Moving always small shock for the carrier which he longs to shift it on shoulders of professionals, after all it will liberate it from search of packing materials, assembly dismantling of furniture, search of loaders, car hiring, personal control of all process. Therefore the company rendering these services solves all difficulties. Often people for the summer move to giving, after all this wonderful time of rest from city bustle. In that case moving on giving from excellent idea.

That will be necessary for start

2-4 strong persons for unloading and loading works, the lorry and the dispatcher. Scheme such: the dispatcher accepts the order, plans, slanders volume, terms of performance and payment arranging the customer and the performer. Further performance of the transportation. Usually the order occurs on the next day. Efficiency, quality of the executed services, professionalism of workers – the main key to success!

DISPATCHER. Now many people look for distant work at home therefore it is necessary to approach to selection of the worker seriously. Competent speech, ability it is correct to describe and present offered services, experience in the sphere of a cargo transportation is better.

LOADERS. For performance of this work physically strong men better employed as already created team are required. They can always secure and взаимозаменять each other. It is highly paid time work as on the loader big loading both physical and material (damage of transported property is inadmissible). Assembly and dismantling of large-sized cargoes, packing, small-sized and safe placement in the car as duties of the loader.

CAR. On an initial step (if you have no own car) it is possible to use hired transport or to involve in partners of the familiar carrier. After research of this market to you not to do without own the second-hand mashiny:priobreteniye or by installments.

Where to find clients

1. Advertizing: announcements on radio and TV, newspapers, distribution of leaflets and cut-aways in близи office, office buildings, sticking-up of announcements about inhabited entrances and on information boards.

2. At high-quality implementation of orders works sarafanny radio clients advise you each other (surely leave cut-aways).

3. Cooperation with furniture stores, producers, realtor firms, system and repair organizations.

As you see without huge capital investments it is possible to organize perspective business making profit!


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