Business idea: real estate sale abroad

Business idea: real estate sale abroadIn recent years it appeared that Russians are interested more considerably by zabugorny inhabited and commercial real estate. From one country many try to get desirable square meters abroad, in hope to live to any country or to lease, and with another they anticipate to open there own business on sale of real estate and to receive means for it.

It will be heavy that who never worked in the field to build successful agency of real estate. In – 1-x, for acquisition of the license it is necessary to have respective experience which should be assured by Russian official papers. In – 2-x, work occurs in the different schedule, why, without having experience of obvious sales also hard.

If in the son-in-law real estate in California, demand for it quite big. You can perfectly earn if are engaged in sale of this real estate. On a site it is possible to learn in more detail about real estate in California.

For opening it is required:

To open agency, it is necessary to find true partners among builders or zabugorny colleagues.

On real estate sale partner business is formed in a further order:

– The Zabugorny partner prepares the high-quality contents, i.e. news about real estate sales, including complete representation, a photo, images, the program and another.
– the Russian partner develops a professional site with a thorough material about provided services, works with clients and if there is a powerful plan, prepares them for the agreement.

Leading advertizing reception of business on sale of premises abroad is the global network: neither mass media, nor expensive advertizing in special publications does not work. Colleagues of the Russian office of agency sign the contract on advising services with the possible client, show it the material chosen by zabugorny partners about objects which can be will be pleasant to it and специализируют on the transaction. When the transaction ended compensation which was received from the buyer by agents of both offices, distribute half-and-half.

Specifics of sales.

If to take in attention inquiries of the Russian buyers for last years, business on sale of real estate most exact to begin on the district of the countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Turkey. Apartments and houses on reasonable the price, located near to the sea have great demand, but also the inhabited and commercial real estate in the capitals and tourist areas which can be to lease. Generally agents for zabugorny real estate which work abroad, provide with the help and on control over the object, interesting the client at need existence.


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