Business idea: sale of the land lots

Business idea: sale of the land lotsSince the earth in our country turned, simply speaking, in an ordinary product, people informed or especially advanced in the purchase and sale which at one time was called as a capacious word speculation, very actively were engaged in this type of business. Still, after all transactions with earth promised very much and very big profits. For example, one of realtors admitted a straight talk behind "cup of tea" that only on one transaction with earth, – and it joined in this business, having retired with very good positions and a huge salary, – and so, from one transaction she received more than for all life of work on civil service …

The potential of possibility of receiving good profits is huge if not to tell – is inexhaustible, and depends on many personal circumstances. Up to thickness of a purse of the client and it, from time to time, "whims" when he simply longs attracted to it or someone from relatives to it then for people a ground. Then the price for it leaves on the 2nd plan. Here if to take the land lots in the Domodedovsky area, they are enough appreciated by people, and on them it is possible to earn. On a site it is possible to learn more detailed information about sale of the land lots in the Domodedovsky area.

Naturally, about such clients, well and about sites about which money-bags could tell «I want directly this! The price does not interest!» it is possible to dream only. It is reasonable that they long ago already, practically at first, "are appropriated".

But this market allows and now, even to the ordinary person perfectly to earn, having got a site with the subsequent its resale.

Naturally, now, because of financial and economic crisis, demand as a whole, and on the earth and it is concrete, very much fell. It, on the one hand, is bad – it will be more difficult to embody the ground found for resale. And with another – and it is excellent, because the prices decreased and it is easier to enter into this business, the smaller starting capital it will be necessary.

With what to begin? Naturally, in the presence of a spare capital, it is necessary to be engaged in search of the thrown sites in the gardening associations, empty dachas, for which owners owing to any events stopped to do the necessary contributions, to pay taxes. After that to try to convince owners to embody a ground. And further important procedure begins too. More reminding the bargaining in east market. The cheaper it is possible to get a site, the bigger "gain" will manage to be received, dokhodno having resold it later.

If with documents at owners not everything is all right, and quite often it appears that the right of accessory to the land lot, it too the reason to speak about reduction of price is not issued properly. Because not campaigns in various instances can take one month.

The long-awaited certificate on the earth is received – reasonably right there to expose a site on sale.

Practice shows that the best realization happens in the spring or autumn from time to time. And profit percent in 500 or even 1000 percent – not a limit.


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