Business idea: transportation of goods

Business idea: transportation of goodsTransportation of goods perspective business lately. Why it is possible to call it such and what it includes in itself(himself)?

This project is directly connected with services of transportation of goods. It contains in itself: transportation system of materials, room moving, furniture transportation, office moving (office equipment transportation). Character of the hardware depends on quantity of transported cargo.

The primary parties of the project is:

1. Utility to businessmen. Receiving quite good profit, is the main hotimy objective when opening SP (personal business).
2. Utility city populations as as a whole transportations are periodically necessary for all.

As we see, transportation of goods is effective ways of an investment of means. It is necessary to make registration in a SP format by means of which will there can be creations of the personal enterprise. This project in particular operating during the period the spring – summer construction as transportation of goods at this time is often necessary.

Because of a perepolnennost of roads, it is best of all to use small motor transport, for example "gazelle". If you the owner of own car, your costs are small and will quickly pay off.

Promoting project business

For advance and increase in demand for transportation of goods, it is possible to use various ways of advertizing.

For example:

1. The post mailing including promotion services;
2. Advertizing in local newspapers and on radio.

Thanks to the low prices, discounts for regular customers, can be to compete to other companies. It is also necessary not to forget about tariffs of paid services of Moscow, and constantly them to regulate respectively established norms.

Before making the sum of costs, it is necessary to choose the car. Itself it is better low-tonnage types (for example, the gazelle format). Their pluses: possibility closely to approach on a loading place, the guide sign forbidding journey of the lorry does not settle down on this type of cars. And basic plus cost.

That the decision to open the company on transportations of transportation of cargoes was obmyslenny, it is necessary to make an approximate ideal of currency costs.


1. Car purchase approximately will manage in 400-600 thousand rubles;
2. To calculate costs for gasoline in a year it is possible so: on 100 km – 10 l. 1 liter – 33 (40) rubles. As a result of 118,8 (144,0) thousand rubles.
3. Costs for advertizing plus compensation of promoters, approximately will make 100-150 thousand rubles of times a year.
4. As a result there is that result: from 630, 8 to 894,0 thousand rubles of times a year.

Cost of one transportation in Moscow and vicinities makes 400 rubles / hours. In a month of such transportations there will be about 50, not very well what of which 5 hours. As a result there is a bag in 100000 rubles not enough. Annual revenue more than one million rubles.

Proceeding from the aforesaid it is visible that the currency project of a cargo transportation in Moscow is successful business – the project!


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