Business idea: travel agency

Business idea: travel agencyActually 20 years ago to open own travel agency it was almost unreal. Besides the legislative base was imperfect in many qualities. Those businessmen who became pioneers in the field, met on the way mass of troubles.

For this day the legislative base is improved, and those difficulties which prevented to organize own travel agency were gone.

10-ki travel agencies open every week across all Russian Federation, but absolutely small part can keep "afloat" as to this kind of activity the overestimated competition is characteristic. Therefore before creating certain acts, it is necessary to prepare carefully, in particular it concerns investments.

In this business the direction of your travel agency will be basic. After all demand for your services will be depends on that for rounds you will offer. Russians appreciate rest on the Black Sea therefore you can earn on it. Only it is necessary for you to organize your business.

Such approach how to obtain in bank the credit and to open an office at home at first will lead to a failure. It is connected with that clients very carefully approach to a choice of travel agency. And certainly the office located in the apartment, will not cause trust.

To enter into this type of business, the small starting capital at the rate about 9 000 dollars is necessary. If this sum is available, it is possible to rely on the help of tour operators where services will be rendered safely.

There are some printsipny steps, which are necessary for passing to open travel agency:

1) To solve all questions concerning documents. And it is direct, to be registered in tax authority and to acquire the right to an embodiment of business activity. To obtain the license, it is necessary to correspond to a number of requirements:

• Number of employees what have a special or higher education in a services sector and an experience not less than 3 years, in staff there should be more than 20 %;
• The same requirements concern and the director of the company;
• At the moment of filing of application already there should be a room in accessory or in rent.

2) Probably, the important step to opening of travel agency is staff recruitment. It is caused by that there are certain requirements to employees at license registration. But also printsipno and that usually in travel company people without special possibilities address, and the help of competent experts is necessary to them.

3) Development of a certain niche. It is not necessary to try to cover all area. For a start it is possible to master only a small part and in it to feel confident. Many companies unsuccessfully finish the work because at first want to cover all range of services.

4) To agree with tour operators and perfectly to approach to advertizing of own services.

To businessmen who only begin the activity, it is better to use the franchize surely to enter the market. It will help to reduce risk of crash at the beginning.


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