Business idea: we open a gym

Business idea: we open a gymIn itself idea of opening of a gym – tremendous. But, before starting to realize such terrible project, study competitive halls in your city. Take and visit a little, what not including their quantities to learn their schedule and the prices. It will help you with the concept of own project. In other words, it will be possible to open a gym taking into account wishes of future clients in your area.

If to be guided by the most moderate calculations, the sum of seed capital it will be far not the small. It is connected with what not including impressively areas of a rent room (more than 200 square meters), it will be necessary to buy not tiny number of exercise machines, pancakes, signature stamps, benches, pears, прорезинить a floor a carpet, to establish mirrors, sports walls and practically all another. It everything costs huge currency costs which will make more than 6 thousand c.u. Here costs for design of a room on which clients will surely direct attention at a hall choice for occupations will be added. Plus in a room should be кондюки, locker rooms, a shower, bathrooms. Surely there should be a constant system of water supply. It would be possible and allocate a place for office honey.

After clarification of the approximate sum of the starting capital, pay attention to planning. It will be necessary to make the plan of an arrangement of the main halls, shower, locker rooms. Address for the help to skilled designers of sport centers.

Purchase of exercise machines for a hall is considered one of bodies in your project. Naturally, it is better to deal with the specialist firms.
Employing to itself employees, keep in mind that the personnel should be created a month before the opening beginning. It will be necessary to take some trainers with the specialist education. As, the manager, the accountant and girls on a reception will be necessary. On a workplace of the manager for bigger comfort it is possible to put a chair Modus which absolutely will approach under a hall interior.

In a neotklonimy order it will be necessary to become on the account in city bodies and to receive a package of documents for Future activity. If in parallel decide to realize a sports food, it is necessary to obtain the corresponding permit.

For advertizing of own gym, arrange distribution of brochures with a contact information and detailed information. It is possible to arrange extensions with the announcement of gym opening.

Such type of business, generally is seasonal. Therefore it is possible to arrange discounts for all types of service in the summer.


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