Business idea: we open mini printing house

Business idea: we open mini printing houseThere is not a big capital, but do not realize where it to enclose. We will help you with it. Business idea of opening of mini printing house.

Every minute, month and year the need for press services in small and average circulations grows. The most part of printing orders are carried out by malekhanky printing houses and salons on the instant press.

The 1st step is will be defined that directly you will print. The main thing is the high-quality printer or the multipurpose device, a cutting torch and a laminator. If you are about educational institutions most likely to them can the press of methodical literature for this purpose is required it is necessary to get a stapler. And naturally your small warehouse should be filled with a small amount of expendables (a film for a laminator, different types of paper) that the client could to choose from what that that it will be pleasant to it.

It is quite profitable to print booklets for the various companies. If you have specialists who can make design of booklets, you can perfectly earn. Here printing house in SPb "A black cat" a good example of such business. On a site you can learn more detailed information about services of studio of design.

Also it will be necessary for you most likely the assistant who will help you with manufacturing of models and to help with work generally.

The 2nd step is you would decide on a place in what longed for it to open (a place should is or about any educational institution or near to business centers). Why it is simple to explain educational institution or the business center: students pupils at Institutes print much and often, and a lot of time for search of printing house not always suffices to employees of business centers and they address in the next to them.

It should be noted that you will need also your advertizing materials, that the client the comer to you could take them with itself (for example cut-away or a flyer) is advertizing to you will be in any measure. In the course of work it will be necessary for you also advertizing in any editions which are used almost always by people in your city.

For this purpose to begin work to you it will be necessary will decide on price policy. For this purpose it is necessary to count practically all expenses (rent, utilities, purchase of expendables, advertizing). The prices for your products should not be very low (it frightens off clients as they think that production will be not qualitative) or opposite very expensive. Look at the approximate prices on your city and put averages. Always available you should have your prices as the client can be will want to show your prices to management or friends. Also take care of that that the atmosphere in your office was cozy, put a small sofa and a little table with magazines that while the client waits for own order it could sit down and esteem that нибуть.

Here perhaps and all practical advice which it is possible for you to provide. It is necessary to wish you furors in this undertaking.


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