Business idea: we open shoe shop

Business idea: we open shoe shopOne of more favourite goods at buyers is the footwear. And it is not surprising, after all it is required in though what season and in any weather. Range very wide: from sandals to winter boots. In article the main moments on which follows visit attention if you decided to open footwear shop below will be considered. That it is necessary to do for popularity of shop and that it is not necessary to do by no means.

Range of shop

For a start it is necessary to solve, with what directly range you will enter on the footwear market. Expensive or available there will be a footwear in the range. The main niche, naturally, the average price category borrows. The choice of category of footwear (female, man’s, children’s) further follows. Men most less often change footwear therefore it is in demand less. Women’s shoes, and the most suitable naturally children’s are more popular. At children the foot grows, they wear out quicker and tear, as a result parents should be taken to several pairs for one season.


First to open footwear shop, it is necessary to be registered as the personal businessman. If you have no rooms in big shop, and open shop in separately standing building, permissions of sanitary and fire services will be necessary for you. Proceeding from taxation system to you can the cash register is required. Some types of footwear demand certification, follows and on these papers guide close attention therefore as absence of any documents, can lead to useless penalties.

Place choice

Further it is necessary to pick up more profitable for trade a place.

The choice is not great:

– area rent in shopping center, usually on the average to 40 sq.m. pluses: repair is already made; often even there is a necessary equipment of a room; big flow of buyers; coordination with above-mentioned services are not necessary. Minuses is usually high rent.
– own separately standing shop. Pluses: there is no rent, there is no competition for a place; there is a warehouse. Minuses: advertizing and coordination with various services.

What from options to choose? To solve to you

Product purchase

Before opening of shop or an outlet it is necessary to make affairs with suppliers of a product. To pick up factories or wholesale warehouses with the range interesting you.

Trading equipment

In a neotklonimy order racks and show-windows, furniture will be necessary for a trading floor and the personnel the specialist. Not dummies on which it is possible to represent the most popular models or novelties will be superfluous.


For complete functioning of shop it will be necessary to employ sellers. If there are possibilities, accounts department can conduct and, but it is better to provide it to professionals.


Advertizing, naturally one of very printsipny moments. It can be different – from leaflets to video clips on television.

And finally, for itself it is necessary to understand correctly – it is necessary for you or not. To study competitors and to draw conclusions. As the option addition to real shop can become the Internet a platform.


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