Business idea: we open shop of souvenirs and gifts

Business idea: we open shop of souvenirs and giftsIt is not necessary to remind of popularity of the shops selling souvenirs. At us in the country, enough of holidays, such as New year, on March 8, on February 14, on February 23 and as personal – anniversary, birthday, wedding, the birth of the kid, increase on work, give opportunity to souvenir points, in an extent of year to have the constant income.

To beginning businessmen, in connection with big конкурентнстью in the market on sale of souvenir products it will be not simple to take own place. The way is operating method for an exit from current situation to test to give a certain format to a trading place. It is possible to open the specialist shop on sale of the ethnographic goods, gifts to business people, wedding gifts. Choose to itself more acceptable subject and open, as can. In this case you will get regular customers, and further can extend and trade in production of the different directions. And regular customers will be already taken.
The 2nd printsipny moment – a room choice.

In shopping centers it is possible to lay down on regular customers, but, most likely, there this niche will be already occupied. In rented or own room it is possible to dream up and make shop bright and attractive. For example, if you are going to sell national souvenirs, issue a room in national style. Make repair, previously having consulted to specialists, and issue permissions in fire supervision and SES.

Printsipnym a factor can be – passableness of people. The room area for gift shop should have more than 50 sq.m that it would be possible to place all product and to make a certain comfort.

What to open directly such shop, the best decision will be, to be registered – as by state of emergency. Then tax accounting can be conducted on the facilitated system. Neotklonimym a condition will be, existence of the cash register.

What to buy the equipment, it is necessary to decide on a format. The creative furniture can be made by own efforts. From it your point will be allocated with a certain model. Existence of a bathroom, a show-window, a chair still will be necessary for the dealer for you.

For opening of such business, the starting capital makes not so big costs, and many businessmen began business by the means. Some wholesale companies give the production under realization.

If you correctly organize such business, it can pay off at least for 6 and at most in 24 months.


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