Business idea of a ticket office

Business idea of a ticket officeThe person is so created that cannot sit in place. From year to year thousands people move from the 1st city to another, traveling on the wide earth.
Looking at a flow of passengers, it is possible to be engaged freely in the type of business and to establish ticket offices on sale of tickets. Such business activity, absolutely, could bring in the decent income.

Presently the 4th part of travel documents is realized by commercial structures. During summer holidays for day of tickets about 600 thousand are on sale. And, without considering, as in жд cash desks, without service collecting, tickets there is no place to get. The structures, specializing such kind of activity should coordinate service collecting with Rossiyskaya Metallicheskaya Road.

Generally this figure does not surpass 150 rubles. But it officially. There can be you can offer additional services and figure can grow to 500 rubles.
To some can seem that there is nothing difficult. Naturally, it is necessary to work.

It will be for a start necessary to get the computer and to find the cashier. To be necessary the starting capital in the sum of 50 thousand c.u. Sum, far, not the small. But business of that costs.
You will spend a huge part of funds for acquisition of access to online booking systems. Other means will be necessary on a tenancy and a payment for the personnel.
If to you will seem that everything very simply is not so. Not including works of cash desks, implementation of tickets, the idea, strategy, a brand is necessary still. And here without investments you will not manage.
When opening own ticket office, it will be necessary to issue the Personal Enterprise, to sign the contract of cooperation with Road service station, Metal darling Airline.

Your margin will make about 10 %. The success will depend on a site of your cash desk. The dormitory area in the city can be good option, where inhabitants will want to get tickets at you what not to waste time on trips to the station. And, you see, very with comfort to buy the ticket near the house.
Get the computer with the established system online – booking.

Such type of business has big prospects. It will be possible to sell tickets not only for various trips, well and different actions later: theatrical representations, football matches, concerts. In such business it to be necessary for you not only good luck, well and bolshushchy desire to achieve the fastest success.


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