Business on cultivation of corn

Business on cultivation of cornCorn bringing up quite good business for beginners and for people who have sites. Very often for this day of businessmen involves this business. Practically everything that for this day the corn gives, it is possible to re-embody in means, at small costs for fertilizer and seeds. To build own business on corn it is not more difficult, than to organize business on tomatoes.

What is necessary for good corn?

In order that your business perfectly developed it is necessary to pave the way for this purpose perfectly. During its autumn period it is necessary to dig over perfectly on depth about 35 see after that to fertilize it manure with sand and ashes. And in the spring when the earth will get warm to temperature +11, +13 loosen it. To prepare a material for landing, it is necessary to process it potassium permanganate which is dissolved previously with water. From all types of an available crop of corn, choose the most fruitful and not a whimsical look. All they need the friable soil, the sun and plentiful watering. All seeds settle down on tops 60-75 see at the correct leaving, watering a mineral food and weeding the most 1st collecting it will be possible to remove in 95-155 days.

If you are interested in ears crude or boiled, it is necessary to look after that that they did not become overripe. Grains, surely, should be soft, on another collecting corn will be подходящ only for a cattle forage. Directly in this case it is better to hand over it to farms or the agricultural companies. And it is possible and to re-embody without the aid of others in a flour – perfectly replaces wheaten which as it is clear, is more expensive much more.

During a winter season trunks of corn are registered on value fodder for different types of animals.
If you correctly realize this product, you have every chance on receiving profit which will surpass your primary costs. As it is possible to open the point and to be engaged in realization of this production.

For what the corn after all is necessary?

The this case, it is possible to call fascinating. We know that commercially from these raw materials paper, alcohol, viscose, linoleum becomes. The corn even found to itself a place and in medicine. To it treat, as became clearly cholelithic illness, and as cholecystitis.
In a word, enterprise talent guide is where. The only thing, upon purchase of seeds, it is impossible to take the gennomodifitsirovanny. They are intended for destruction of different wreckers. And having used them, at you can grow up a poisonous product which is very dangerous to human health.


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