Business on installation of neon illuminations

Business on installation of neon illuminationsEstablishing neon illumination and a sign follows visit attention that its price does not surpass the price of a usual chandelier or a galogenovy lamp. Not including that it эксплуатацияв 5 times more, than at usual, at all this illumination does not ask big costs of the electric power. Also neon illumination is capable to decorate though what interior, shining a room though with what flowers and flowers. It is possible to consider this product favorable both for the dealer, and for the buyer. Also is absolutely quite good idea for business development.

Neon illumination получиласвою popularity in distribution of outdoor advertizing and to afford long ago advertizing such родамогли only the huge companies and big supermarkets. And for this day neon illuminations shine streets of the cities, встречаютсяна афишахмагазинов and billboards.

Having such vast application, even at samykhnachinayushchy businessmen budetogromny number of buyers. The main aspect of business will be not only its manufacturing, but iy installation.

To start the organization of business it is necessary to get neon mini-plant, a neon and glass трубкиСейчас there was a possibility to take ready neon factories at at the Russian and zabugorny producers, the low price of которыхсоставляет9 200 dollars. Choosing between Russian the zabugorny producer, the preference generally gives to Russian. In – 1-x, the American systems are made of more fragile materials, in comparison with the Russian producer. In – 2-x: one of the most important критериемв a choice of the producer is the stoimostyoborudovaniya. In the Russian Federation cost of the equipment makes about $5000, it actually in 2 times is less than at own western analogs. As in the equipment of Russian production, in comparison with European, there is no need for air pumping alternately to twist taps, and it is possible to press the button simply. It is possible to draw a conclusion that getting the equipment of Russian production, you receive not only a good qualitative product, well and its service for available means.

The set of a neon workshop consists of the following equipment: 1. Desktop; 2 Central torch; 3. Cross torch; 4. Otkachna post; 5. Otkachna table; 6. Manual torch; 7. Goal-scorer (the powerful transformer); 8 Pump for air pumping.

For service of production 2 specialists – an otkachnik are required and stekloduv.kotory should pass a four-week course. Which cost makes 1 500 dollars. At etomobucheny beginning glass blower can what company which realizes given the equipment will provide not essentially.

Unlimited number of the capital companies are engaged in sale of materials for production, among them there can be enterprises engaged also equipment trade. Also the price of a product depends on it are simple, usual trubkadlinny 1,22 or 1,5 m which covered color depends on a covering a phosphor makes from 1,5-7 dollars. The price is established is dependent on color and colourability of glass. After the tube will appear at you нужнопридать to it a luminescence. For this purpose it is necessary to grease inside of a tube with special substance (phosphor) then to fill a tube with a neon and to solder from the 2nd parties at all this having fixed on each end an electrode. The current owing to what the neon breaks up to ions which are reflected from a phosphor further moves and start to be shone. The tube is established on special. Holders.

As a result the price for a product depends as well as on difficulty of a configuration of a neon lamp, so from number of meters. In Moscow the most reasonable price for direct lamps makes from 12 dollars for the m item; the bent – from 13 dollars on the m item; the lamps repeating a form of a font – from 14 dollars for the m item; lower case letters – from 15 dollars for the m item. These prices ustanovlenyspetsializirovanny neon заводиками for advertisers, for other clients of the price grow in 2 times.

It should be noted that in the final price of a product the expendable material borrows 1/3chast, at чемрасход gas and mercury are not considered in prime cost. In the remained 2/3 part include a tenancy, a salary and profit.

So, 1 meter of a neon on retail price – 1000 rubles. Into an etustoimost enter: expenses, costs for a tenancy; payment of the earned payment; All this in the sum makes 700 rubles, other 300 rubles are registered on nezapyatanny profit.

The price of products grows only when manufacturing difficult designs, but at all this costs for a workshop grow also. Fill these costs there can to be, for example, a manufacturing of gipsokartonny niches on which there will be an ustanavlivatsyapodsvetka.

Many order installation of neon illuminations in bedrooms to make there a romantic situation, after all those who cares of how to develop duration of sexual intercourse, all do for this purpose possible, including purchase of various intimate toys.


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