Business on production of a brick

Business on production of a brickThe construction market at present develops very promptly. It is reasonable that the great interest to it arises not only at businessmen with bolshushchy experience, well and at those who only begins business activity.

It is obligatory that such rate of development of the construction market will develop and the next years, so, demand for its production will be always. Therefore the subject of the organization of production of a brick for construction will be actual about what we will move conversation in our article.

Many businessmen are perfectly informed on this business. And, though in the construction market there is a big competition – to create a brick always quite dokhodno. After all demand for it always stable, irrespective of a season. Specialists who foretell annual growth rate of 4-5 % for the next years encourage also. To Printsipno to do a qualitative brick, as an one-and-a-half brick (Odessa) which can be got on the Internet.

Here speech about the ready business plan on production of a brick which everything to whom construction business is interesting can use will go. Perhaps, that for creation of own small business you should improve a little it from your point of view. But in any case such idea of business will be good the help and will be suitable for beginning businessmen.

From the very beginning it is necessary to solve a question with a room. It is unessential for taking, rent will be always more practical. To find a room suitable you it is absolutely simple, after all now many structures are empty.

It is possible to use country warehouses, the main thing, to find the area not less than 500 square meters, and the height of ceilings indoors should be not less than 5 meters, it is possible and above.

Directly on such area all production line on production of a construction brick will quite comfortably settle down. It will be correct to divide a placement on three zones, two of which – a warehouse for raw materials and finished goods, and 3rd – production shop.

Printsipno that at all this is not present need of connection to sewerage system. Therefore such process differs from other productions, allows to save up not only your work and time, well and means.

After the solution of all questions with a room it is necessary to be engaged in equipment purchase.

Let’s notice that there are some options on release of a brick, worthy to consideration.

1. A way of plastic formation – such creation of a brick very much not available, respectively and the most precious. Only at release of a construction brick 30. A year such creation it is possible to consider 000 000 pieces economically reasonable. For start means in the sum 100 are necessary. 000 000 rubles.

2. Giperpresovaniye – at such method of production a brick very high characteristics.

But, the economic justification on expenses will be exclusive in this case if brick release in a year makes more than 2. 000 000 pieces. Such business can be begun, having for start 10. 000 000 rubles.

3. An ordinary burning – an ordinary, old and cheap way. Brick creation in a year from 400. 000 pieces will cover all costs and to start business to have 2 enough. 000 000 rubles.

It is necessary to consider and choose the equipment for production of a brick, and to get it will not make special troubles. It is required to you: grokhotka, thresher, reception and target bunkers, concrete mixer.

Not including that, for a strip on release of a brick it is necessary: formation installation, dvukhrukavny techka, lift and compressor.

After all now in each region it suffices, but it is better to use the tested suppliers who are located near you. Such option is justifiable and useful to start of the process of production and for the subsequent maintenance on brick release by your plant.

Brick creation – the semi-automated process, but, despite it you should take for work 4 persons for strip service.

Payback of your plant will be from 1 to 3 years, proceeding from practice of the option of production chosen by you. Out of any fluctuations – it perspective and quite profitable business.

We believe that the business plan offered by us yielded the positive result. And at present creation of own production on release of a construction brick to you will be easier and becomes successful.


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