Business on production of ball pens

Business on production of ball pensThe huge number of people does not represent the work without such, apparently, ordinary product, as a ball pen. What is the handle – usual writing accessory but if to understand, very printsipny thing without which not to manage in a modern civilized society. Demand for such type of a product does not stop the growth and for this reason correctly planned business on manufacturing of ball pens is quite good and absolutely profitable business.


Studying statistical reports it is possible to behold that once a day in the world are made on some 10-ov thousand ball pens. The price policy in this case has the following classification:

Low – price sector of the economic relations
. It is aimed at the consumers having limited currency possibilities, and not wishing to spend large sums. In this case prime cost varies in borders of 30-35 rubles apiece.

Average and price sector of the economic relations. The product which is not surpassing 150-160 rubles belongs to this group.

High price sector. The price of a ball pen in this group begins the growth from 160 and above.

Continuing to classify ball pens, it is possible to allocate some groups on their application:

Handles for daily introduction. These are those handles which can be used in work, at home or in a bag as spare option.

Gift set. There is an unlimited quantity of gift options on all categories of people (it and the official gift to the printsipny person, and interestingly an art decor to friends, can be an autographic exclusive gift). In this sector service – the handle with an engraving to order is actual, after all thus it is possible to give a quite good gift.

Souvenir products. The reminder on a meeting, date, or a trip will approach as a memorable gift.

But the most perspective business from above listed options is manufacturing of handles for daily introduction.

Printsipnye nuances on production manufacturing

To create a qualitative product first of all it is necessary to make a tip of future handle (writing knot) then to prepare a core and the case. At early stages of production there will be a question of planned benefit from production of a full cycle. Really, prime cost of a ball pen contains in itself unlimited quantity of costs, and it both a material, and utility costs, both compensation to workers, and the taxation. Estimating costs, it is possible to tell that the product finally leaves quite expensive. Always it is necessary to estimate profitability of purchasing details, to analyse different options (purchase of already made materials). The next plus – possibility to do without the suitable equipment (in this case if some details are bought).

The equipment for production of ball pens

If to make handles in a large number, not to do without the profile equipment: the device on assembly of ball pens, pressovy forms (will be necessary for an otlivaniye of cases), the car for production of cores (if polypropylene, a centrifuge are aimed at large-scale creation of all details). Tips belong to raskhodnik, blackened also other materials.

Richness of your product

Blue and black ink in ball pens as there are certain samples in documentary activity is registered on the most popular. Being guided by a certain buyer, it is possible to make handles of various flowers (from red to violet color). But in that case demand will be less, rather than than on handles with blue ink.

The client directs the view of design of your product therefore it is necessary to reflect on this subject. It is necessary to give special attention to design of the case of the handles made by you, after all many will pay the attention to appearance of an offered product. There can be a creation of handles of the "business" style, then constrained tone and the stable design will be as it is impossible by the way. The sizes of a core and thickness too are considered in production. If activities for manufacturing of handles are interesting, cost visit attention to perspective creation of such product.


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