Business on production of socks – whether dokhodno it?

Business on production of socks – whether dokhodno it?Creation of socks and stockings is not considered high-profitable business. But to open such creation many means which within 3-5 years will pay off will be necessary not strongly. But there are businessmen who could find the niche in this sphere, have more the highest profitability.

The main discrepancy in "nosochny" business is search of a point of sale. At present not discrepancy to get the man’s socks in Moscow, all small and big shops are filled up with such production from Asia therefore it is necessary to interest the potential workmate in the production. It is possible to start production only after contracts on deliveries are signed.

It is also necessary to consider that peak of sales of socks is the cold season. In order that creation made profit all the year round, it is necessary to expand the range and to start to let out stockings, gaiters and other related production.

Development of production consists of several steps. On each step it is necessary to buy the equipment. Knitting machine guns are the most expensive, and it will be still necessary to get zashivochny semiautomatic devices, forming dummies and sewing machines. The equipment can be Chinese, Russian and euro production. To save up on start, it is possible to acquire the second-hand equipment, but many funds for repair and service in this case can be necessary.

Also to belong to the item of expenditure raw materials purchase. Quality of finished goods directly depends on the raw materials characteristic.
To compete to cheap Chinese production from which already got tired both consumers, and Russian producers, it is possible if to let out only qualitative production and to have the wide range.

If you wish to earn means on production of socks, then it is necessary to buy the European equipment, and the raw materials are better to take the Indian. In this case it is possible to create qualitative socks with thin seams. For development of design at early stages it is possible to involve the western experts.

In spite of the fact that on an initial step there will be heavy expenses, at the correct approach business on production of socks can become high-profitable and quickly pay back all starting expenses. The important role is played also by marketing. For advance of production it is possible to make groups in social networks and Internet shop. Average profitability of this business is considered 25 % but if the producer finds the niche, profitability can make 100 %.


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