Business on the land lots under building

ЗBusiness on the land lots under buildingемля from time immemorial, how many there is an earth population, was considered as the wet nurse of all live, and in all centuries had huge value. In 21 centuries the relation to it not only did not exchange, but even opposite, demand for it increased. Earth not only remained an irreplaceable resource and serves as a place for cultivation of different cultures and construction of houses, well and caught the product status. Many businessmen who have constructed the business on sale of the land lots, have from it not bad profit.

Wishing build business on sale of the land lots can to find a source in the ordinary thrown dachas, on possession gardening associations. Owners, in these situations, for any reasons, do not want or cannot use the lands. In such cases, skilled businessmen can agree with not baked summer residents, and to get sites on rather applicable the price. As well though what of us, having the allotment, can embody it on the prices on is much higher than the purchasing. Or it is possible to get dokhodno sites under building

Very often there are cases when, so-called owners of land, have no documents confirming their appearance on a property. In such cases, for obtaining the certificate on a property, at the expense of the buyer, it is necessary to carry out a land surveying and to put a site on the city account. To receive documents on a property, it is necessary to run about and spend a lot of time, and for those who it never did, it can last not one month. But though what person, having concerned it, receives experience on all life, and the following time will be limited in borders of a half of month.

After obtaining all suitable documents on a property, it is possible to begin process of a purchase of realization. Making business on sale of the land lots, the main thing to know, if everything passes successfully, investments will grow many times over. There is a growth possibility in 1000 of times. On experience of other businessmen it was proved that trade goes to the period of summer and autumn more effectively. And during the winter period not to waste time, it is possible to predetermine to paperwork.
Real estate purchase and sale rather operating business. In Robert Kiyosaki’s books many examples of the executed transactions on such deposits are described. The main thing to know a condition of the market of real estate, the periods of decrease and growth of the price for it.
The prices for the earth usually start grow in cases of large-scale building of huge objects.

Example from practice: in 2000 we were going to get a site in the Leningrad region, but because of a lack of time tightened with it. Further there was a following, the American avtomobilestroitelny company begins construction of Ford-Sollers plant and the price for the earth, in this area, started grow. Finally the price for a site which we longed to get, increased in 15 times.

The missed moment broke to us profitable capital investment with which it would be possible to begin the business.


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