Business plan karting club

Business plan karting clubKarting is not only races for teenagers. Regular customers karting clubs are quite provided people who on life do not have enough sharp emotions. Earlier, than to open karting club, it is necessary to analyse all subtleties and nuances. If to organize everything it is very excellent, profitability of such business can make about 50 % a year. This article will help you to make approximate business the plan on creation karting club.

Design of routes
In any karting center there should be routes. On the one hand, they should be interesting, and with another – safe that nobody suffered during races. To make a route route more fascinating abrupt turns, bridges and bends will promote. But it is not necessary to be fond of an extreme very much. All should be designed so that to lower risk of receiving traumas by clients.

Bolshushchey in karting club the true equipment has value. By means of equipment clients can feel racers of world level. Cost of the 1st set of equipment can reach 1500 rubles. The helmet will cost to probable clients approximately 450 rubles.

Spirit of competitions
Printsipna a component in karting clubs is the chronometric system. Karting is an entertainment which borders on sports. Though it is interesting to them to participate in games. Respectively, who won, and who lost, is defined proceeding from chronometric system. The similar equipment costs about 150 thousand roubles. It is necessary to consider it by business plan drawing up karting club.

Purchase and technical service of cars
Cost the 1st card fluctuates in borders from 70 to 150 thousand roubles. Some businessmen choose a car of the Czech production because there is an outlook that directly such cars possess a quite good ratio price/quality. If the racing route of yours karting center reaches about 3000 sq.m, it will be necessary for you to get 8 cars. In the presence of means it is possible to get and children’s cards. So you can involve in the institution one more category of clients – children.

In a month introduction the 1st card costs approximately 15 thousand roubles. Generally all costs go on rubber service. One set of tires costs about 3000 rubles. Change rubber about two times a month. Also it is necessary to consider costs for acquisition of spare parts, a complex for repair and combustive-lubricating materials.


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