Business plan of Second-hand

Many want to be engaged in the business, but yet did not solve what. If you have the small capital, it is possible to open second-hand shop.
For opening at first it is necessary to issue officially business activity. Otherwise you can have difficulties with the law.
Besides, before shop opening, it will be necessary to sign the necessary documents in firemen and SES.

For success there are three factors – price policy, the range of a product, a place finding of shop. Further you will need to find assistants and sellers. As the employee on finance which will consider the income, costs will be necessary, to pay accounts for light and water and a tenancy. For moving to a new room under секон хенд it is possible to call a comfortable cargo taxi in Kiev with loaders.

Suppliers it is possible to divide into groups. At huge suppliers monthly commodity turnover reaches 20 tons. If a product will buy bolshenny parties, it is possible to cooperate with them, but keep in mind – it is possible to spend a lot of time, what from a hundred part of bags to choose 20 kg. Ordinary things.

It is possible to carry to the 2nd group average suppliers. A monthly turn of a product at them – on the average to 15 tons. They as well as huge suppliers are engaged without the aid of others in product import. It is better to take from their thing to a meeting that would not mix the stale product.

And one more group – small wholesalers. The commodity turn at them reaches 10 tons. Such suppliers offer wholesale and retail of things. Keep in mind that many such partners are engaged simply in resale of the product found at huge wholesalers. By the way, such small wholesalers often have the shops and not bad things at them not to find.

In general, to buy a second-hand – not a lung put. It is necessary to reconsider things, to be defined, what to take. Keep in mind, suppliers of a wholesale product, a thing from a warehouse sell bags which it is not authorized to sort. Starting purchase of things which already were in the use, it is necessary to know that there is a sorting and the original. The original means the things arriving from abroad such, what were sent by a zagotovshchik.

In civilized countries there are two types of preparations: things collect on houses from containers where people threw out them. It is possible to find in such things anything – since the means left things and ornaments and finishing ordinary garbage and the used hygienic means.
Buying sorting, look on the price. Than things are cheaper – subjects they more awful.

For shop choose a place with a bolshushchy flow of people. There will be a chance to accept not only purposeful buyers, well and passersby who also can get something.


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