Business plan of an ice skating rink

Business plan of an ice skating rinkStill at all so long since, many did not think of an ice skating rink as about business. Naturally, such places for leisure were always, but they belonged to the city authorities during the winter period. At present ice skating rinks become popular even more, and to open them became a thicket. Everything is correct. After all at the correct organization of business, such business can bring in the good income.

Ice skating rinks share on three types: with a steel and airpersistent design and open-air. The cheapest option – open-air, the most expensive – with a steel design. Inhabitants of the huge cities are more exacting, and it is better to businessmen to think over the ice skating rinks equipped with a metal construction.

In regions such skating rinks build under an airpersistent design. And open skating rinks during winter time organize everywhere.
What to open a skating rink, it is necessary to be registered as the legal entity and to become on the account in tax inspection. If you plan to build a skating rink, you should issue mass of documentation: to make the construction plan, to receive permissions in different instances.

How many to a descent of the going for a drive it is admissible on a skating rink? Such figure to you will be not not said by anybody. But specialists consider that for comfortable driving of the 1st person – it is required to 8 square meters. At a bigger number of people on a skating rink, traumatism level will grow. Well and the covering of a skating rink will suffer.
Without considering the main income, you can test in addition to make a monetary increase. Many owners have on advertizing boards.

Electric power introduction is the main expenses on an ice skating rink–. As it will be necessary to buy unlimited number of pairs of skates. And it is necessary to consider not only for driving, well and for the subsequent drying. There are good skates to 150 c.u. Usually they are calculated on a season.

Without workers and assistants in this business to you not to manage. But it is necessary to approach to selection of shots very seriously. After all quality of service depends on them. Perfectly when in cleaning of ice will be engaged skilled special.

The income of your business will depend on many circumstances. The first is the site of the ice arena. If the place is chosen successfully, fill the expenses you can quickly enough. In other cases the ice skating rink pays off from 2 to 4 years. Besides attendance of clients will depend on the service characteristic.


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