Business plan of production of timber

Business plan of production of timberNo matter what idea in business brings something new in development of many branches, in particular in construction. Therefore the business idea urgency on production of timber is absolutely explainable.

Construction develops in the Russian Federation very quickly. New houses and various constructions – with their every day becomes more. Not including that, considerable rates country construction moves: lodges, arbors, economic constructions. And for all this construction volume timber is necessary. In particular demand for them grows with approach of spring.

If to take for an example such construction material as a sexual board dry, it quite suitable among people. It is used as the base for a floor covering. You can get a sexual board dry Kiev on a site стройматериалы-киев.com.

Surely, it opens important possibilities to businessmen for an idea embodiment on production of timber. Though questions of planning of such business, the main aspects and possibility of its embodiment arise at many businessmen.

Production room – the main link for occupation by such business. At its selection it is necessary to consider direct dependence of the area of a room, outputs and, it is natural – versions of materials. Not including that, it is necessary to get a room for high-quality storage of finished goods and preparations. Printsipno to know and hold in the head that all constructions should answer the established norms.

The equipment and its choice – here in any way it is impossible to cut down means and to protect, as speed and quality of the performed work depends directly on it. Only the high-quality equipment will give real possibility of fast payback.

The working personnel – without it not to manage in any way, after all directly product creation is assigned to them. For a start there will be enough 6 people. But they should have experience with the equipment and then the beginning of successful work will be absolutely guaranteed.

It is necessary to give essential attention to advertizing and base of clients. Advertizing should be thought over and perfectly made that customers could familiarize with all activity of the enterprise. It should be convincing so that clients after its reading always will be yours. Printsipno to create moderately base from regular customers, after all directly they the orders will bring a stable part of your income.

And at present about the most financial plan in what all costs and the income for production of timber are reflected.

At first – control of all equipment. Practically always dealers do such work gratuitously. But other picture with second-hand purchase of the equipment, for control it is necessary to lay out about 15 thousand rubles.

Obligatory, the tree stock to start works which is more practical is necessary to count by number of cars. One car on the average to manage in 12 thousand rubles is 30 cubes of wood.

In costs it is necessary to consider rent of the production room, which sum of 100 thousand rubles.

Cost of the rented transport on export of the wood will be in borders of 5-10 thousand rubles.

Monthly wages fund of 60 thousand rubles. These are 6 workers, to everyone every month pay from 7 to 10 thousand rubles.

The sum of 1,5 million rubles will be sufficient to start such business, and the monthly income of the businessman will be in borders of 60 thousand rubles.

This option will prove to be true and will pay off in 6 months under condition of constant orders and capacity of the established equipment.

It is clear that to expect payback for one or one and a half month – is unreal. Practically payback of invested funds will come in 18 months and not earlier than.


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