Business plan of production of wood windows

Business plan of production of wood windowsFor this day plastic windows have the highest popularity, windows and doors executed of a tree are in demand not less. New technological decisions and the newest equipment of wood eurowindows allow to lower wood shortcomings, for example, it is deformation. At present from this material designs which not than do not differ on properties not on lines from PVC are created. Proceeding from it it is possible to tell that creation of panels from a tree of windows and doors is favorable business.

Development of production of such windows is based on introduction of deciduous and coniferous breeds of a tree which passed special processing. These breeds of trees differ the high content of antiseptic substances, as does their ustoychivy to such processes as rotting. And as they are simple in processing. But when manufacturing windows it is required to do all technological the requirement, at a negligent approach to manufacturing can lead to deformations of all of designs.

In the presents window time from time to time make of the tree massif. Present technologies allow to use a kleeny bar, it allows to keep all positive characteristics of a tree, well and to clean wood minuses. At production technology observance, the design is not subject to deformations and other distortions. You can get wood eurowindows at present quite easily on the Internet.

For production and other cycles of production of eurowindows the narrow-purpose equipment will be necessary:

– Drying chambers
– Planing machines
– Press

Not including this equipment it will be necessary some more additional, and to everything it will be necessary shop on selection and production of timber.

All process of production of windows occurs in some cycles:

The bar in coordination with the sizes is first cut, shipovy connections further become, and the internal profile future designs is made out. The found profile stick together in a ready design by means of a press, at application of special waterproof glue. Make out an external profile further, manufacturing of grooves under a sealant, foam and quarters under a window sill there enters.

The following cycle is preparation of a surface of products for paint and varnish works. On this step of work are carried out in manual, it allows to achieve a smooth surface and more roundish edges of designs. A surface шпаклюется then on the grinder the obverse surface of the panel is processed. After the same work becomes in manual, and only after such cycle the detail is ready to drawing of a paint and varnish covering. At first the design is processed by an antiseptic covering for protection of a tree against fungi, soil is put and at the last stage paint and a varnish is put. The finishing covering becomes in some layers, for the best protection against the sun and a rain. After finishing works, the design is given on an assembly site. There the detail looks round for the purpose of identification of marriage and other shortcomings. And after that are installed a sealant and double-glazed windows. After assembly the found window pack into a film and send to the customer or on a warehouse.

At the end it is possible to tell that wood windows have though the highest cost, but it and does them by more prestigious. That in the account also does this business profitable and favorable.


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