Business the plan – nursery for dogs

Business the plan - nursery for dogsBefore opening nursery for dogs, it is necessary to think over such invention perfectly. After all it is not simple – business. What to plant dogs, it is necessary to love them really. Besides, the profit will come to you not to a meeting, it is necessary to wait. And still – even the known companies in the market receive from time to time the good income. But, despite all difficulties if you would like to re-embody a hobby in business, your favourites will bring not including pleasures besides profit.

Optimum option to open nursery – the personal house. In the apartment it is not necessary to these to be engaged, as you will face a set of troubles because of the maintenance of animals and receive discontent from neighbors.

It will be necessary for you to make good conditions for own favourites. Huge requirements to nurseries do not show, but it is necessary to expect thermal and light modes. It is better to protect nursery a high fence. At construction in open-air cages, adhere to standards that open-air cages would be spacious. Into them should enter quarantine and veterinary rooms, and as a room intended for childbirth. Still additional rooms – kitchen and a store room be required.
What to be engaged in such type of business, it is necessary to be full age and to have veterinary or zootechnical education. To be necessary заиметь the breeding bitch from a family tree in four knees which at exhibitions receives an appreciation and which registered in though what organization of cynologists of the Russian Federation. First not неотклонимы, but, later, them it is necessary to execute such requirements.

As to means. You always available should have means for:
– a stern for dogs. Approximately in a year to be spent 15 thousand roubles
– services of the veterinarian where it is meant – cyclic vaccination, supervision over health, vitaminization of pets
– roles at exhibitions. About 30 thousand roubles are required in a year
– trainings – 10 thousand roubles.

If good luck accompanies you, at persistent work in a year it is possible to receive to 100 thousand roubles. If to consider that about 70 thousand roubles are spent in a year, your annual profit will make about 30 thousand roubles. Naturally means small if to consider that how many forces were enclosed in a year.
Before opening nursery, develop the business the plan where describe – you wish to grow up what breeds of dog. It is more favorable to plant small breeds of dog.


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