Business the plan on the organization of a joiners workshop

Business the plan on the organization of a joiners workshopIn the presence of ambitions and the malekhanky starting capital it is possible to open though what business. Quite interesting occupation – work of a joiner’s workshop.

In more detail about the plusy:

– joiner’s production always is in demand, after all windows, doors and furniture in the house are necessary constantly;
– among other types of business this has comparably small level of the competition. Besides, the market is flooded by secondhand dealers, and here producers do not suffice;
– this business will be completely your property because will be on your earth.

Profitability level

Start of joiner’s business asks existence of a room, the tool and raskhodnik. For a role of a room the garage or though what of available in the personal house will approach. The tool it will be necessary manual and electric. Cost of the manual tool including a kiyanka, a hammer, a chisel, a file and a stapler, will not overstep the bounds of 1500 rubles. The electrotool will demand an investment about 80 000 rubles for purchase of a drill, an electroplane, a tsirkulyarka, milling and fugovalny machines. On a site you can get wood-working milling machines. Expendables (minus the tree) are the varnish, shlif-tapes, paint, the oil, demanding 3-4 thousand rubles every month.

Let’s sum up, having counted cost of production of doors. The beginning specialist is capable to make in a month about 15 doors which can be embodied with ease for 3-4 thousand rubles. There is such picture: from revenue in 60 000 rubles we subtract expenses on wood (12 000) and expendables (3 000), also cost of an electricity (1 000). The spotless income will make 44 000 rubles a month.

The found results say what to beat off costs for the found machines and to have an opportunity to get new productions with a view of expansion (grinding, shiporezny, drilling пазовальный and others) it is possible quickly enough.

A little councils:

– do not hurry to register the made business. At first it is necessary to work a little, to check the desires, to estimate possibilities and to understand a situation, and later already to run on instances. To do without legal registration it will not turn out, when it will be necessary to expand creation and to invite still workers;
– to create own site and to develop a large-scale advertizing campaign at the beginning too it is not necessary is quite expensive. It is better to prosecute this subjects on reaching a stable turn and emergence of possibility to expand business;
– with advantage transfer the period of windy business to your business from the clients considering what to make a qualitative door in aspects of production available to you – it is unreal. Will pass a little time, and your qualitative production will get rid of this negative, having forced people to start talking about it yours faithfully;
– because of the constrained starting budget only second-hand machines will be available to engendering business. On a case of unexpected breakages of the equipment it is necessary to make communications with the person understanding this equipment.


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