Cтатистика of the Russian Railway 2014

Cтатистика of the Russian Railway 2014The statistics of the Russian Railway offered by us 2014 opens open access to the versatile data, concerning features of the cargo transportation made жд by transport. This information represents the facts both on already realized transportations, and on planned, given about which are brought on the basis of available demands in the established form. These are also this about gruzo-and traffic volumes which do possible to carry out research in respect of the various lines influencing on internal, delivered from other states, export and transit transportations. By means of analysis of this type of statistics it is possible to create the monitoring including consideration of the following questions:

  • character of an embodiment of commodity transportations жд transport and activities of all participants of this process;
  • research of actual needs of a certain participant of the market, volumes of its sales and dynamics configurations;
  • definition of the main circumstances which influence volumes of a certain sector of the market;
  • possibility of revision of own logistics taking into account transition to more operating ways of transportations;
  • to establish level of the available competition that further will help with drawing up of the program of development of business;
  • research of the main directions of a cargo transportation and their advantages;
  • search of new business partner, put with which will be mutually advantageous;
  • definition of possibilities for operating advance of the company in a certain market.

The statistics жд a cargo transportation is capable to help with important degree to the companies in which activity this means of transport is used. And invariable carrying out monitoring operations will allow to be informed on the current situation and occurring configurations in this area. Such information принципна, first, because powerful percent of businessmen makes transportation of own cargoes by directly such land way. It is explained by such advantages of zhd-transport, as financial availability and speed of process of delivery. And, as it is clear, delays of cargo are capable delivers many efforts, for example, to break the contract with partners or to reduce profitability for a certain period. Continuous monitoring of a situation with жд transportations will allow to choose for itself the best direction and to revise the logistic scheme if it is required.


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