Deposits from Capital credit bank (MKB).

Deposits from Capital credit bank (MKB).The most tested way of preservation of your means, also receiving profit are deposits. To capital credit bank always is what to offer all the clients. Here everyone will find and подберёт for itself(himself):

– the best way of storage of means,

– a depositary contribution though what from which it is characterized by the interest rates,

– to choose and open a contribution in different monetary currencies: in rubles, or zabugorny currency.

Feature of work of MKB is that fact that you also can accept the most active a role and supervise your contribution irrespective of where you are. For such activity in system of bank the program «MKB online» is provided, use which services each client of bank can.

For this day in MKB operates the following types of deposits which are provided directly for individuals. It:

– Sber a contribution – an interest rate does not surpass 10,5 % a year. This type of a contribution is classical model. As a gift the Master Card/Visa card which is made out absolutely gratuitously is provided to you.

– An accumulative contribution – an interest rate to 10 %. This type of a contribution is characterized by such lines, as: possibility of access to a contribution and its continuous replenishment, the free Master Card/Visa card, possibility to end cooperation on the basis of contract cancellation.

– The settlement contribution – percent makes to 9 % a year. Such category of a contribution is characterized by possibility of continuous replenishment of a contribution money, account functions and operations, also gift card of Master Card/Visa.

– Contribution "Just in case". Advantage of this contribution will be that means and the added percent can be received in though what time, in other words in it is not established a certain term of act, and to fill it it is possible also in though what gleam of time.

– A contribution on claiming. As plus of a contribution serves what to fill it it is possible for sum of means everyone comfortable and accepted to you as well remove you can any sum.

For those who is the regular customer of MKB, can offer and special preferential programs, with even more best and favorable aspects.
For those who opens a contribution for the sum which surpasses 5 million rubles, the bank carries them to category of VIP-clients, and offers deposits corresponding to their status and deposits. Such service is considered personal, and is based on the highest service.

If you were interested by conditions, and you would long to open the account, at present it is possible to make it even easier and more simply. In other words, you can use services bank online about which features it is possible to learn always on an official site. On a site of MKB of bank to you always will promote, will advise and will prompt all sequence of actions. In this case you do not need to come to bank and to spend the free time. This service of bank proved only from a positive side and uses bolshushchy demand at the majority of clients of bank.


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