Drawings from sand — profitable creativity actually without capital investments

Drawings from sand — profitable creativity actually without capital investmentsStill long since in the east did pictures of sand, generally in bottles. Plus that outside of the East this development not in particular is widespread and for the person with an enterprise vein costs guide attention to sand introduction in the creative purposes, for development quite good business – ideas.

Development and performance process.
In order that pictures left qualitative, it is better to model them from white sand with addition of food dyes. But it is not enough to have source codes, printsipno to show creative abilities. For a start it is necessary to have bottles of a different form and the size, a substrate from a cardboard or a tree, a merkly varnish, thin sticks and glue.

At first it is required to paint sand (or to get already ready color). If sand undertakes unpainted, it should be washed out several times. After that it dry and sift through a small sieve. Will separate and grains of sand are larger, too necessary for creativity. Then it is possible to begin coloring: in small capacity pour pour boiled water, a little vinegar and add a demanded pigment. Having carefully mixed, in the received mix it is necessary to add sand until water completely will not be absorbed. Then sand gives all the best for a prosushivaniye on a paper substrate. About a day is spent for all function, and the painted sand is necessary for pouring into spotless banks and to store in a black dry place.
For drawing by sand on a flat surface it is possible to use and an additional material in the form of loose materials as coffee, a various type of grain, salt – for allocation of accents or independent parts.

Audience choice.
As to buyers, still the interesting moment can be to create templates – cliches on being glued base for children therefore as kids and children are more senior love hand-made articles from sand, also as the option can be offered and for adults options of hand-made articles which that in a condition to make the hands. In other words the sales market wide, is possibility to interest wide mass of people.

Sale and development of sand business.
Having created tiny quantity of sand pictures or hand-made articles, their photo it is possible to arrange in sources on Internet sites for demonstration and advertizing. The price is better to find first not so huge (so to pay expenses on sand and other expendables plus a small nakrutka from this price). Further as the option can be manufacturing of sand hand-made articles and pictures to order. It is possible to organize exit trade where, to draw attention of probable clients, to make the smallest show of creation of pictures in public, for process demonstration that very much provokes and causes interest. And skill sharpening in development of this business will increase quality of performance and will involve more buyers.


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