Earnings of VKontakte

Earnings of VKontakteVKontakte is one of huge social networks on the Internet. By means of it there is a possibility to hold communication with relatives, friends, to listen to music, to look through the loved films, shares, and to learn information in an extent of the whole day. Internet users carry out a huge part of own time directly in it, but do not guess at all that everyone has possibility to earn additionally not small means. And still many interests, how it can be made in a network of VKontakte?

Earnings on introductions in паблик / groups and on layka

Existence of a set of services which are intermediaries between users of a network and advertisers, gives the chance to the first to earn. Earnings consist from this that the advertiser pays voices, the accession to group, husky on a photo or record, comment placement. Existence of such services as Socail Tools, VKlike, gives the chance to earn VKTarget from 10 kopeks to 5 rubles.

As to the contact, the recent sensation about that Pavel Durov was dismissed from a post of the director general caused bewilderment of many users of service. But sir Usmanov answered a question of the director general therefore the question any more should not worry. He also said that will be in every possible way and to support Pavel Durov from now on.

Earnings on public pages and in groups

For a start it is necessary to consider, than the group differs from public page on the Internet.

The group is an association of people on interests which, usually, do not aspire to commercial purposes. The public page – has continuous updating in the form of a photo, pictures, music, news etc. and is created for the purpose of earnings.

In what earnings of public page of VKontakte consist?

Advertizing. At placement of the 1st announcement advertisers can lay out from 3000 roubles in one hour on public page. Usually, паблик has in day to 5 announcements.

Subscribers. For each signed user it is possible to earn to 1 ruble.

Partner programs. Being the participant of such program, you have a possibility to place advertizing on the referalny references of projects in what accept a role, with the future earnings of your referrals.

The Internet – shops. Participating in partnership with such type of shop, having placed their advertizing, it is possible to receive the sum from sales or a certain percent.

Video – site YouTube rollers. If video corresponds to a subject паблика, to gather 5 000 viewings will not make special work. For everyone who will pass according to your reference on the average it is possible to receive 50 to.

Attraction in паблик / VKontakte groups

Urgency and fascination of a subject in group / паблике.

Expenses on advertizing. Let’s consider on an example, 5 000 subscribers will cost to you approximately 5 000 rubles, with that account what to return them, maybe, within 2-3 months, these expenses have the benefit.

The appendix and earnings on them

For earnings it is necessary to have or make the appendix, usually it is game or tests which should correspond to a certain target audience.

There are some ways монетизировать the appendix

Voices. The collected game prizes, maybe, to transfer to real means, for example, to use them on replenishment the mobile account.

Advertizing. It is possible to receive for displays of advertizing banners or tizer отплату.

Application creation to order, payment for the done work.

The appendix in rent. It is used from time to time, but has the right to existence.

As a result to earn means of VKontakte can absolutely be. It will not make special work and will not take a lot of time.

Creation of own project one of the best ways to earn VKontakte. You can get own business which behind the properties will quickly pay off, and will bear the stable income.


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