Electronic purses: world of invisible means

Electronic purses: world of invisible meansElectronic payment systems represent convenience to commission of monetary calculations and to buyers, and dealers online.

By means of electronic system it is possible to pay telecommunication, accounts of housing and communal services, purchases in Internet shop, to extinguish the credits, to get tickets, to transfer funds on charity or to issue an insurance. At all this main advantage there will be a speed of procedure of payment with high extent of protection.

When using electronic purses there are pluses. Them treat:

Mobility. Users can make monetary operations with though what point of the world.

Safety. At calculations users work with the personal information according to number of the mobile phone, with introduction of the single password.

Simplicity and availability when using. Though what wishing can get an electronic purse after registration. Monetary operations can be carried out with introduction of terminals, bank cards, Internet banking, offices of a mail service, prepaid cards.

Efficiency. Online payments pass quickly.

At present there are many services which are available to payment by means of electronic purses. More popular in our country of steel Webmoney, PayPal, Qiwi, «Yandex. Money».

Webmoney is the international system of calculations which is based in 1998 where it is possible to do business on the Internet. For work of operations it is necessary to be registered by the Internet and to receive the personal identifier.

«Yandex.» It is considered money the next popular payment system, but calculations here can be made only in rubles, it is not intended to conduct business activity.

PayPal – the electronic payment system working with 18 municipal currencies which is eBay company division. Since 2008 the Russian version of a site which made convenience to Russians operates. But the Russian users can make operations only on payment, reception of transfers, and here to cash means it is impossible.

Through Qiwi – high-growth electronic payment system payments from mobile phones are carried out. At registration input of passport data is not required, she acts only according to numbers of mobile phones. Qiwi does not cooperate with other known payment systems. On a site https://qiwi.com/you can register an electronic purse.

For a right choice of an electronic purse, it is necessary for users the nobility of a rule:

It is necessary to know about use rules as each system has nuances. For example, in system «Yandex. Money» it is impossible to conduct monetary operations to businessmen on own business. All operations are made in it by individuals for the personal purposes.

In Kivi systems and «Yandex. Money» operations is carried out in currency only in recalculation on the Russian rubles, and in PayPal and Webmoney it is possible to choose for currency payment in dollars, rubles, and euro etc.

Ways of receiving payments are also various: through a bank transfer, receiving by cash, transfer on telegraph or transfer into account of the individual in bank.

Now, according to experts, the future – behind introduction of electronic means.


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