Features of opening of Obuv


Features of opening of ObuvIn the Russian market the footwear, as well as food, uses special demand. Features weather aspect in the Russian Federation demand to change footwear four times a year that is a printsipny component for owners of shops of footwear are dependent on a season. Seasonality of the Russian climate allows to speak about advantage of shoe business.

Sale of footwear has the special features, as well as though what business. The first feature will be that the offered product, should correspond to a season. If the summer footwear is sold not everything, and the autumn outside begins, it is necessary to update the range and to offer already autumn footwear, in a combination to the winter. A good example of such business is the shoe shop on a site modglam.com.ua, here people can acquire qualitative footwear.

To satisfy demand of the buyer, it is necessary to offer new models, and the suitable size and color. As the most stylish and beautiful footwear can disappoint the client if it will appear that there is no footwear of the demanded size.

Before creating product purchase, it is necessary to be defined, the footwear intends for what category of people. In shop the house-keeper of a class, it is not necessary to expect the client with the high income, or to count that copies of the last collection will be got by the citizens having the small income. Therefore it is more expedient to lean on middle class, and to offer a product with the average prices. In the range of shoe shop, there can be a product intended for ladies, young men, but as also children. Market research, shows that it is necessary to offer the footwear, specific appointment, for sports, for fishing or performance of any works, etc.

Volumes of purchases and respectively costs connected with product purchase, depend on a floor space, the price of the equipment, design of a room, and price category of shop.

For trade in footwear it is not required to the special license, it is enough to be registered in tax authorities as the businessman, and to have on footwear safety and characteristic certificates.

How to choose a place for trade in footwear?

For successful trade, the shoe shop should be in bolshenny occupied пт. Choosing directly trading place, costs тормознуть on the pavilion located in the central part occupied пт, near the markets, huge shops.

The equipment for shop

Trading floor of shoe shop, it is possible to equip differently, everything depends on currency possibilities and contrast of the range. At the same time, the trading floor should have the feature reflecting your feature.

Feature of trading shoe pavilion that in it there should be chairs, sofas, mirrors and not in singular. Samples of footwear are necessary for exposing on racks and multilevel regiments.

Where to buy footwear?

In this plan should not, appear any troubles. The most ordinary option is, to make direct deliveries from the producer, such option one of the most favorable. Not including it suppliers can be found at specialized fairs and exhibitions.


In the 1st time, in formation, without advertizing not to manage. To declare itself it is possible through various mass media, or to conduct special actions discounts. It is not necessary to miss possibilities of outdoor advertizing.


Deciding on number of sellers, it is necessary to consider the area of a trading floor and number of possible clients. Even if shop not big, and its attendance is high, it is more expedient to have 2 sellers, it will be reflected in quality of service and safety of a product. Doing an emphasis on prospect, in forthcoming it will be necessary the cashier and the accountant.

In the termination, opening of own shoe shop is not difficult process. If business to treat with the appropriate relation, the made investments, for not long term will acquit itself and will start to make profit.


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