Financing of small business

Financing of small businessAccording to the most last data, actually 90 % of new small and medium-sized companies unable to start production without attraction of the credits or other debt funds. Only this year, according to Minekonrazvity the Russian Federation, is required to small business of more than 30 billion credits. At present the small companies have access only to 15 % from this sum. Moreover, only 6 % all of the credits given out at present «перепадает» to small business. Thus, specialists have full authority to connect very low level of development of medium and small business in the Russian Federation with absence sufficient for this purpose aspect.

What stops banks from cooperation with the malekhanky companies? By results оппоса, carried out by Association of regional banks, it appeared that many financiers do not accept the current financial state of the enterprise (91 % of the interrogated banking institutions). Among other events – bad credit stories of borrowers, it is also not enough not bad providing the credit. Generalizing all this, it is possible to conclude what to obtain the credit as the starting capital to small firm at present it is almost unreal. Actual data confirm it: 33 % of all addressed for a similar loan received the sum on which counted from bank.

If to consider other preconditions of such small number of positive decisions on delivery of proceeds of credit, it is necessary to allocate continuous presence of huge credit risks. They follow from absence of reliable borrowers, their unwillingness to go on the transaction with aspects of the bank, also usually insufficient resource base that, to chagrin, is respective line of the majority of the small companies, and that, in principle, and pushes them on the compelled introduction of debt funds.

The average bank never will refuse to finance the tiny enterprise if it already proved in the market, is ready to provide proofs of the most experienced business, is capable to show good credit history. At the same time, financiers understand that to many businessmen is unprofitable to show all the business and to specify real numbers in the official reporting. Discrepancy that many aspire to leave from taxes therefore in own balances do not reflect real profit. All this finds reflection in their inability to obtain the bank credit.

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