Hotel for plants

Hotel for plantsGoing on rest for some days or months, owners have a discrepancy whom to charge care of houseplants which remain in apartments and houses. Many plants simply transfer the long period without water, but the unlimited quantity after all asks permanent respective care. Greens enrichment by oxygen and continuous process of photosynthesis – the main developments of root system suitable a condition and green foliage.

Many people have no relatives or familiar friends who could look after flowers during absence of owners. And times trust own the dwelling seems to extraneous people very dangerous. 

Due to such situation it is possible to develop the business structure – «hotel for plants». Clients who are required in service in temporary care of houseplants in environment of the city more than enough. Leaving for 10 and more days, people can throw without any excitements own green pets in a comfortable institution where to them will pay necessary attention and leaving. In particular it concerns whimsical plants. Having a rest by the sea or other place it is possible not to worry behind a condition of own favourites, knowing that they are under reliable supervision of professionals.

To receive the necessary zaniye on the care of window plants and plants it is necessary to pass certain courses, or to get and study mass of literature. Having near at hand the Internet, to make it it is possible. Each owner of own green child in a neotklonimy order will give the advice on leaving which it is safely possible to do correctly according to the carrier schedule. The main thing belongs to plants with love and tranquillity, then they will precisely remain in an excellent look before arrival of owners.

Such institution can be organized at first at itself in the apartment, and having earned seed capital, to have in rent more spacious rooms with a suitable climatic mode and illumination. To equip hotel it is possible at a dacha, it is the most successful option. Here it is possible to make comfort though to what plants, for some to open access to the sun, and some to hide in a shadow.

Big costs will be demanded by advertizing, for the purpose of distribution инфы about new service. Neighbors and acquaintances can be informants also. Having hung up the announcement about own entrance, it is possible to involve without any work even clients from own house.

Cost of rendered service needs to be formed proceeding from difficulty of leaving. A certain price list should be made in any case. For many scrupulous clients it should be given opportunity of the conclusion of the contract on providing service.
Because the idea absolutely new and not tested, competitiveness of the new enterprise will be on the ball.


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