How to begin business on manufacturing of monuments

How to begin business on manufacturing of monumentsUsually funeral services provide the small organizations which, usually, are engaged as carrying out funeral with observance of all traditions, and creation and installation of monuments. Naturally, the ritual organizations not make monuments, and are only intermediaries between the client and a certain manufacturer and consequently offer clients or drawing of a monument which it is possible to order, or already ready option.

Granting funeral services is quite profitable business, but many companies are engaged in similar services. Statistically, if in the small town already there are at least two companies, specializing creation of monuments, it will be heavy to third to break through through them конкурентнсть. In particular in this case, if in firms the unlimited quantity of the most various options of the monuments made of a qualitative granite is presented. Almost always the companies establishing monuments offer customers a complex of services into which enters: a call of the specialist on the house, a sculpture choice, discussion of an inscription and a monument form. Manufacturing of a monument passes in correctly stipulated with the representative of the company term. A good example of such business is the ANTIK company which already has a wide experience in this case. So all in your hands.

To be engaged in ritual business it is necessary to find for a start the unoccupied niche, after all not very well what company is engaged in creation of monuments, from what – that of the 1st material: granite, iron, marble or concrete. Before choosing the direction it is necessary to familiarize with process of production of a monument of each material separately.

Most easy and cheap by production are a monument from a tin (metal), but because of the small price to develop huge creation of directly such monuments is unprofitable. Therefore tin monuments are a minor product of the companies which are engaged in welding or tin products.

In the small town it is not meaningful to open the enterprise for manufacturing of monuments from marble, a granite or other similar materials because costs for their creation quite big, and receive them enough from time to time, so they will not bring special profit. In that case it is possible to earn additionally on production of bas-reliefs, memorial boards and other decorative parts.

Sure version is creation of monuments from concrete. Similar monuments possess several advantages: low cost, durability and possibility of addition of various granite or marble parts. By production of concrete monuments the small tool kit is required: vibrating forming table, vibrating sieve and concrete mixer. Also by production by a printsipny element forms for concrete casting are. For successful business at least 10 various forms that to customers was from what to choose are necessary. Business on manufacturing of concrete monuments is more perspective in comparison with granite or marble monuments. Not including that from concrete it is possible to cast crypts, sarcophagi, to fill in cells and to cast busts.


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