How to earn in house aspects on cultivation of greens

How to earn in house aspects on cultivation of greensMany reflected on development of own business. But to execute dream plans, leaves not in all. Not many can throw, let, even, and not absolutely profitable work, and to begin any new business. If you have a desire to be engaged in additional earnings, it is possible to test to make business in house aspects.
Such business can be – greens cultivation. Profitability of the income of such business, can make, on the average, to 300 % from the sum of investments. Naturally it numbers. And they are superficial.

It is possible to make experiment on square meter of a cultivated area in the house at windows on cultivation of green onions.
On the first step on greens cultivation, it is necessary to decide on empty seats, for placement of cultivated areas:

– certainly, for cultivation of greens it is better to have a separate hothouse. You will save, if construct it of the used double-glazed windows. Here monetary costs will be necessary;

– it is possible to occupy the district for greens cultivation though what utility room. Such option will be simpler and cheaper than the first, but under condition of providing a certain temperature. For receiving bigger effect, make bringing up in some in some ranks. It is a question of ordinary regiments. The distance between them should be more than 80 see as artificial lighting will be neotklonimy. In such a way the square meter of the area grows three times.

The following step will be – soil preparation. For this purpose it is not necessary to think out that that extraordinary. Go to the wood and collect a layer of the fallen-down foliage over soil (only not oak). In such earth substratum there are useful substances in a large number. In it there are no parasites and it the cheapest. Collected soil is necessary for sifting for removal of all huge particles. In advance prepare suitable trays. You can get not the deepest wood boxes, or to buy the plastic.
The last stage is landing of greens which than does not differ from landing process in open soil. But it is not necessary to a meeting to land completely all greens. Quite good there is a greens landing – to 10 %, from your total area.

The greens do not need special leaving. Carry out roofing felt to time watering of soil and do repeating top dressing. After a collected crop, clear greens and package. It is by the way, told – during the winter period, the kg of greens is more expensive much more meat or fish kg. Naturally, being engaged in greens cultivation, you will have no superfluous time for its sale. Visit the market and find offtakers. Or first, offer the product to friends and acquaintances.


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