How to increase quality of own service in aspects of exhaustion of an address place of ipv4?

How to increase quality of own service in aspects of exhaustion of an address place of ipv4?If you came to understanding that for providing better service to the subscribers and expansion of the subscriber base, it is time to refuse use of NAT and to provide to each subscriber the public ip-address, and it is even better to a descent static, before you there are questions: 

– where to take demanded quantity of the ipv4-addresses, after all already actually to everyone it is clear, what “IPv4 ended”?

– how it to compel to work?

Yes, ipv4 now defect. Since September, 2012 when the European center of coordination of networks (RIPE NCC) received in the order the last subnet of ipv4 in the size / 8, it made the decision not to give out the address from the last block/8 everything wishing as it did it earlier.

But now still there is a possibility to receive address ipv4 at Local the Internet of Registries (LIRAS).

The most part of LIRAS are in combination and providers of the Internet with often very wide audience of subscribers. Such Liras, naturally, not возгорят desire to provide, scarce at present resources, to the direct competitors.

But there is one company, a main which type of activity is not providing Internet access, just, service for providers of the Internet.

This company – JSC Lidertelekom, is ready to provide to you required quantity of ipv4 of addresses.

So the decision on the first question is found, but how it will work?

At the conclusion of the contract, Lidertelekom will register ip-addresses on your company in the RIPE database, thus ip-addresses will be displayed as yours in inquiries of whois. Further it is necessary for you проанонсировать these ip-addresses according to the BGP protocol. For this purpose the Independent System (EXPERT) is required. It can be your own EXPERT or the EXPERT of your higher provider. If you have at least two higher providers, you can receive the EXPERT and announce the ip-addresses to a descent through all your aplinok. Thus you receive additional fault tolerance on a case of "falling" of 1 of aplinok. If you have only one higher provider, to receive the EXPERT to you it is not required, and it is necessary for you to address to provider, that it проанонсировал your ip-addresses at itself in BGP and отмаршрутизировал them to you. Usually providers willingly agree on it, since to them it dokhodno. After all you pay to it for granting the channel and at all this it does not spend for you the scarce ip-addresses.


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