How to issue the card with personal design?

How to issue the card with personal design?The credit card as such essentially simplifies our everyday life. It would seem, to surprise here to banks of own clients there is nothing. But for owners of bank cards matters not only functionality, well and appearance of means of clearing settlements.

Personal design, for whom it?

Cards with personal design are in demand from young generation. Generally it is clients of banks at the age from 25 till 30 years. Representatives of the senior generation not so willingly spend the means and forces for receiving esthetic pleasure in such trivial occupation, as introduction of a usual credit card.

The carried-out sociological researches helped to make a rating of the most favourite images on credit cards:
1. Photo of close people. At all this girls prefer the photo directly the 2nd half.
2. A photo of the loved favourite.
3. Images with signs of means and the authorities.
4. Photo of memorable places and events.
5. Images of cars, football symbolics. In particular it is actual for guys.

Despite that that is service is necessary generally from individuals, recently the increasing interest to it is shown by directly corporate clients. In this case as images the photo of offices, the plants, finished goods are generally used.
Functionally card with personal design is an ordinary plastic card (debit or outclearing).

Card registration with personal design

There is a number of images which on the card will not be placed. Them treat:
– advertizing, logos, contact information;
– images of public figures;
– anti-cultural, antireligious and antisocial images;
– the images protected by copyright.

To receive a credit card with personal design as it is simple as well as an ordinary bank card. The client addresses in bank personally or on the Internet. After that sends to bank the image which he would long to see on the personal means of calculations. Image модерируется specialists of bank. Everything, the card is ready, she can be received in bank.

This service is not free, its cost makes from 100 to 500 rubles, tariffs for manufacturing can differ in various banks. If the card is made out as credit, own design can gratuitously be provided.

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