How to open mounting?

How to open mounting?The business connected with opening of a shinomontazhny workshop will not bring in huge incomes. But simplicity and insignificant investments are its essential advantages.

This article will help to open a subject of opening of business "from scratch", also will help to analyse questions of the market and to make calculations on means.

First we will concentrate on the market analysis

On the district of the Russian Federation there are a lot of workshops which are engaged in shinomontazhny works. But the exact quantity them is not clear. Though several years ago under condition of neotklonimy licensing statistical data existed.

Cancellation of licensing led to significant increase in such workshops. In their country now about 30 000, but it at least. Workshops distinguish on volumes and kinds of activity, also currency indicators and many other.

Finally in the absence of sufficient инфы there is no practically a possibility to state the correct assessment on development of such market. The only thing that it is possible to argue – unpredictability of this business in the most "initial" step.

Place choice under a workshop

To make professional mounting first it is necessary to find a place for it. You will find out that all "sensible" points are occupied by competitors. And it is especially possible not to count on a suitable case. But nevertheless, if there will be a place along the highway with powerful movement, or big parking – to you has simply luck. Besides it is necessary to look narrowly at future competitors perfectly. There are cases that some workshops do not manage to do work because of a big flow of customers. Such signal confirms a great demand on similar services in this area.

In business never it is necessary to hurry, in particular at its opening. It is better to study attentively all district and then to make the decision.

What room is necessary?

Very often it is possible to behold, as similar workshops have in ordinary iron bunkers. Though practically always for these purposes use various rooms in uninhabited fund. Usually, them rent.

The starting price for square meter of the area begins with $10.
The room in the area of 40-50 "squares" will be quite good option for carrying out shinomontazhny works, and monthly rent will make $400–500.

Balancing also that else?

Surely, only replacement of wheels will not bring in the good income for a workshop. Therefore in many of them offer service in balancing of wheels. If to take on a minimum, it is necessary to lay out for the most ordinary, cheap
machine of $1400. Naturally, not to do without a balancing board, and these are $1000 more.

Not including that, jacks, the compressor, well and other tools will be necessary. As a result all sum will make from 3500 to $4000.

There is an option, and there is a lot of such offers in various networks where offer a meeting a full set of the equipment on the prices of 2500-2700 euros.

Selection of the working personnel

Special supernatural requirements to the personnel are not present. Simply with a view of inflow of clients it is necessary to do work quickly and greatly.

Currency result

The main condition – "legal" business. For this purpose it is necessary to spend $800 to have the SP certificate.

And we will at present count:

– Expenses on purchase of the equipment plus paperwork – 4000 +800 = 4800.
– Service serves on the average 20 customers in day.
– Cost of each check of 150 rubles (on the average).
– The day revenue at all this will make 3 000 rubles.
– The sum of 90 000 rubles will be the monthly income.

Let’s at present subtract from this sum expenses:

– Rent payment ($500), a salary for workers ($700) and at least $200 more it is necessary to throw on expenses on amortization.

Finally the spotless profit will make $1600.

Surely, such can be at ideal aspects. And in reality the owner of a workshop in a month has $1000 and practically the maximum in 6 months will come full payback of such business.


Business should develop always. It is clear that to count on millions as it was told at the very beginning of article – it is not necessary. Therefore the organization of a network of workshops quite terrible enterprise, with it you will not argue. And if to apply competent advertizing, it is absolutely possible to press own competitors. Consideration of a question of the brand, though small is not excluded further.

It would be desirable to believe and lay down that your business plan will be successful, and article will help to avoid "reefs" in this business.


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