How to open personal stomatology

How to open personal stomatologyServices of the good dentist always were in demand at all segments of the population and provided invariable earnings. From troubles with teeth does not help out neither a thick purse, nor the personal bodyguard. The real equality and a brotherhood is felt only by people with a toothache.

Therefore, why to the good specialist not to test to open a private stomatologic office.

But this sphere of business asks certain severe investments therefore careful calculations here are required.

Printsipno to make the true business plan. What it is necessary to consider?

1. Status.

First it is necessary to be registered as the personal businessman or as the legal entity. Not essentially what honey activity is a licensed field of activity. Therefore remember need of receiving license honey.

2. Room.

Requirements to a room under a stomatologic office are very high. Should be indoors installed electrical equipment, a water supply system, the sewerage. The stomatologic chair, it a usual operational table, should is reliably fixed in a floor.
How to open personal stomatology
It is very perspective, in particular in respect of clientele, to arrange an office on the skyscraper first floor in the dormitory area. Whether to receive the apartment or to rent – solve proceeding from the sizes of the initial capital.

Also do not forget about rules SES – the size of an office of the stomatologist makes at least 14 sq.m. If in plans some stomatologic chairs – add on 7 sq.m on everyone.

3. Necessary equipment

A Variativny number of stomatologic chairs is so great that the stomatologist can choose though what to own taste and a purse. Without considering a stomatologic chair autoclaves, sterilizers, визиогаф, geliootvrezhdayushchy lamps, tools and expendables be required.

Do not forget about suitable furniture both in an office, and in a reception.

4. Financial side of a question

If to count up all necessary costs, opening of an office will cost approximately 40 thousand dollars. It means an office on one stomatologic chair.

Expected profitability of an office about 30 %.

5. Personnel question

According to the LABOUR CODE the working day of the dentist makes least 6 hours. If in plans round-the-clock work, 4 doctors and 4 nurses have to work. If the office works only in the afternoon, it is possible to manage and the minimum quantity of the personnel.

Also take care of selection of the manager. It not only person of an office, well and competent assistant to the businessman.


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